Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fortune Cookie Of the Day

You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy.

Lucky # 4, 9, 11, 12, 24, 29.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It Done'd Rained today!

Monday, July 25 2005

I came home Monday after work, and by home I meant Bridgeview. I had to go back to the folk's house which is getting some upgrades which I'll be happy to post for you so you can see the Tim Allen work that my dad and uncle have been doing for a month and a half now. It looks GOOD. As soon as I get pictures I'll show all y'all. Anyways came home to the wonder that was the bridgeview home and had some popeyes and leftover panda. John took off work so he can work on the invites that needs sending out and well putting together. I pretty much stayed on the pc the entire night. Non stop trying to bust out my freelance comic gig which is hitting the homestretch as we speak. Frank came by and then Jackie came home. Jackie's Maid of honor, Berna, came by to help out to. It was pretty much a sweat shop in here the rest of the night till about 2am. I was happy to not help but John could see I needed to get crap done anyway. I provided the evening's music courtesy of iTunes and a bunch of Common albums Johnny put on there. Anyways by the end of the night my ass and eyes hurt. I started dozing around 1am trying to tell Frank a story.

Tuesday, July 26 2005

I wake up around 8:40ish DEAD tired and hop in the shower. Just as I finish, Frank rings the bell. I grab my shit n' go and he has some McGriddles in the car. NICE. Anyways going to work with Frank is one of those things that I look forward to everytime I come home. With Frank we talk about anything and everthing. We also talk about old shit which is fun because its never like we're looking back @ stuff wondering what happened or whatever. We live in the past...we love talking about the people we went to school with and how jacked up they are now or how pregnant the got..aghhh good times. For some, that shit can get old..but with me and Frank its always timeless.

So we pull up to work and it seems nice and dry and hot. I get my griddle and eat it on the way up to work. I get there and its nice and cool. I get assigned a bunch of lines to lip sync and after 6 hours of that, I'm heading out the door. The once hot and stuffy morning turned into a grey and cold afternoon. As I began to walk towards Moosejaw (the co. that Frank works for) It started to drizzle. I catch a billboard of XxX: State of the union (Which is awesome by the way) and it gets me to think that I should stop at best buy to check the it was starting to drizzle even more. I rome around the movie section for awhile making sure not to pick up anything. I go to the cd section and the new Dane Cook cd is out. Its a 2 disc cd and a dvd!! And it was only 10 dollars. *sigh I had to buy it. So holding the cd/dvd in my hand, I head towards the register. I glance outside and its freaking raining hardcore. I call Frank and tell him that its raining pretty bad. He tells me he'll come get me and I'll wait here. So I end up staying at Best Buy for an hour and a half!! I play some Destroy All Humans on the box and browse the movie aisles like 10 times before I get sick of it and just decide to leave. After awhile Frank pulls in. I'm soaked, the weather sucks, and we can't see in the Camaro. Frank goes to the house to switch cars. We get back and Ma has made spaghetti. We dine. The rest of the night, John's on the mac making some logos for side stuff. I try and help out and cut some of the invitations. I suck and mess up four. I get mad and stop. I jump online and DINK around. Frank pretty much does the invitations the rest of the night until about 12ish. He heads home and John hops on Guild Wars while I update. And in the words of the chinky eyed mc, "the rest is history".

- J

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whoomp That Trick! Whoomp That Trick!

Review: Hustle And Flow

A while back, I saw the preview for this movie and for some reason I REALLY wanted to see it. I guess the idea of a pimp going through a mid-life crisis in the dirty south made for an appealing story. Anyways for the most part, if you like the underdog stories and the down and dirty-gritty surrounding that give that film the much needed flavor, go see a movie like this. It's kinda in the same vein as 8 Mile and Empire but only better. Better acting, better music, better story, and better characters. All in all, I really enjoyed this flick. It really doesn't appeal to everyone but of course the mtv generation will go see it because the movie is co produced by them. But oddly enough I saw a lot of middle aged white women in the theater ready to get crunk and watch an entertaining flick. Terrence Howards is my "it" actor of the moment taking a turn as a lead instead of playing minor characters or villians. To me, the story of anyone having a dream and making it big follows through no matter the setting or the character. This film however delievers that story on a different platter that makes it stand out amongst the rest. It has its own sense of style and runs with it. The music is really awesome...I'm more of a westcoast rap listener (Ice Cube and the Westside Connection in particular) but I liked the thumping beats and looping tracks that were made in the film. Let's just say I want to buy the soundtrack when I get a chance. (That and Danny Elfman's Wonka Score!)

Ok well thats it for now....peace out OH and remember, remember, the 5th of November.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friends: The one where I quote from the show # 2

Chandler: "Well no one really likes their job anyway."

Everyone all at once: "What you kidding me? I love my job. OH I love my job. yeah me too. yeah me too"


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fantastic 4 Days

Saturday July 16, 2005

So it was another day at work pretty much. My friend Niki had made plans to have some dinner tonight. I get out of work early (big shock there) and I see that I havea voice mail. It's Niki saying that she has gotten a table for four at Bahama Breeze and that she'd be happy if I showed up. Feeling totally up for it seeing as how I haven't seen her in a very long time, I drive on over there. It's not too late, its only 9:30pm. So this is my first time there and I kinda like the digs, I see Jason, Niki's Fiance, and he waves me over. We do the meet and greet and I need to use the bathroom because I feel and look like I've worked at the Container Store for 5 hours. I go in the bathroom to find out they have free hair gel there. I guess its to go with the whole Surf's up Tiki Lounge thing they got going on. Anyways I head back and I order the Jerk Chicken Pasta. We talk about general things: freelance work, weddings, future plans, etc. Turns out they were so happy with the drawing I had done for them that they were paying for my meal tonight to show their appreciation. I was touched and was more then happy to do it for them. Anyways before it hits the 1am marker, we call it a night. I give my hugs and goodbyes and tell them we should do this more often. I get back and Text Hodge saying he should come over tomorrow to get the Kevin Smith dvd he wants to borrow from me. I told him I would look through his noc list of films to see which ones he ought to bring seeing how his Nightwatch dvd isn't working at the moment. I pass out.

Sunday, July 17 2005

I wake up and browse through Hodge's list. I find Ping Pong and a movie called JSA: Joint Security Agency. I call Hodge and tell him to stop by around 3pm. He tells me that those movies I picked are awesome. I begin my day pretty much on the computer most of the time coloring for this comic book gig I picked up a couple months back. Anyhoo, Hodge calls and within half an hour he is at my door. I let him in and shoot the shit. We go to Wendy's cause I feel like getting out of the apartment for a bit. It's cool, we talk about movies mostly and the Wizard World convention that he's planning on going to. We get back and he's want to try Advent Rising for the box. Its pretty gay. The animation is blocky and the first couple stages are boring. Not only till you pick up the two gun john woo moves does it somewhat pick up. But its boring and we shut that crap off. Hodge decides to take off and around that time, Eric calls and says he's gonna stop by so I can show him some stuff in Max 7. Withing the hour, he's here and we're just chilling. He catched me playing some BUST A GROOVE. HELL YEAH BABY! We shoot the shit too and Jeff eventually comes home from work. We play some Guild Wars the rest of the night and I turn it at around 1am.

Monday, July 18 2005

It's 5:20am and my alarm goes off playing some b96 mumbo jumbo. I hit the snooze and lay there for good 5 more minutes. I get up and its off to work. Truck is huge and we don't get out till about 11:45am. Jeff gets some KFC ( colonel's chicken fun pack for all you Dane Cook fans out there SU FI!!) haha. We head back and I thought it would be a good idea to watch Ping Pong. The movie's not what I expected and is actually more serious in tone. I fall asleep near the last 40 minutes or so. I can't fight it. I go in my room and turn in. I wake up around 5:00pm only to realize my mom tried to get a hold of me. I call her back and tell her I need to be back home tonight. I put on tv and wait. Hogan's on Raw that was the only cool part. John comes in to pick me up, its close to 9:30pm when he does. I saddle up my shit and head back to the 'view. I come home to find my dad still up and talking to my Uncle Amor who's here visiting and helping my dad with the house stuff. I stay up for a bit and find out that John's crossed over the 2nd Part of Guild Wars. I get all excited because now he can play with us online. Anyways its late and I fall asleep around 1-2am-ish. I get up once to my phone alarm going off at 8:15am. I get up again to see John leaving for work around 8:30am. I get up again and its 10'o clock. Holy crap where did the day go. Mom's asleep so Pop and Unc can't work on the house yet. I get busy with my comic coloring and end up finishing page 3 of 6. I take a break and dick around my space. Next thing you know, my mom's up and about and Pops and Unc begin the house work. I tag in here and there and drill some nails and scrape some dry wall. Next thing you know, its 4pm. My friend Kiera (Special K) is online. I made plans earlier in the week to hang out with her today. I tell her what time the show starts and she said she would call me when she gets out of her class. Jax, Jp, Frank are all here by 6pm. We eat Spaghetti...and help out in the living/laundry place where my dad's going Demolition Man on. Pop comes back from dropping off mom and I missed Kiera's phone call. I call her back and she tells me she's about half an hour away. I hop in the shower so I don't smell like crap and she arrives 5 minutes after. I introduce her to the crew and we head out. We check showtimes and we had just missed an 8pm showing of Charlie. We buy the 10'o clock tickets and head over to Best Buy because I want to get the 2nd Season of Dead Like Me. Sure enough,there aren't any more and Kiera ends up hitting a worker with one of those toy light sabers. After trying to play Gran Turismo 4, we go back to the theater to get some seats. First ones in last ones out theater. (damn will smith) The 2nd viewing goes by a lil slower then expected and my ass was numb from the crappy Loew's chairs. But still I enjoyed the movie and liked it more a 2nd viewing around. After the madness that was the Chocolate Factory, we head back to the IHOP and shoot the shit for another hour or so. It's about 1am EEK! We head back to the 'view house to find John playing Guild Wars (nice) I snap a photo with Kiera and we say our goodbyes. All in all it was a pretty fun 4 days and prolly the best I've had in a good while. Granted Tuesdays these past couple months have been awesome only because I get to go home and hang out with Frank, Jp, and Jax but other then that my shits same old, same old. I pretty much update the blog til...........NOW.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Michael Jackson my ass.....

Alot of people have been talking about Michael Jackson being envisioned in Johnny Depp's portrayal of Willy Wonka. I find that kinda gay and I happened to not see any sort of Michael Jackson in the movie at all. Sure there were kids and he was pale. But to me it seemed like Willy Wonka didn't like kids in the film as opposed to Michael Jackson letting kid's touch his willy wonka. Anyways a recent interview with Johnny Depp on everyone's favorite movie site had him address the comparison's between The King of Pop and the King of Candy.

"Have you heard the comparisons in your portrayal to Michael Jackson?

It actually never crossed my mind. Michael Jackson was not an ingredient or inspiration for the character at all. A few people have mentioned it and it kind of took me by surprise when they said that. I guess on some level I can understand there's the look a little bit but you can easily think of someone like a reclusive germophobe like Howard Hughes. The book was published in 1964 and Michael Jackson was just a wee lad. I don't think he was inspired by him either.
You've been open in the past about inspirations for your characters.

Where did Wonka come from?

When Tim and I talked about doing it there was no script at that time. It was, in a lot of ways, a great gift because I was able to use Roald Dahl's work for my notes. What I started to see when I was thinking about ii in my early research was children's show hosts from when I was 5 or 6 years old and watching "Captain Kangaroo" and "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and local guys like "Uncle Al" (laughs) and "Mr. Greenjeans." And I remember thinking, even then, how odd it was the way that they spoke. That bizarre musical cadence to their speech pattern. That sort of, "Good morning children! And now today we're going to do..." So I took that and made that one of the main ingredients for Wonka and stretched it out a bit. And game show hosts. I remembered them from growing up with that perpetual grin on their face. I felt, they're certainly not like that when they're home - at least I hope they're not (laughs). They go on-stage, their thing and then take it off. It's almost like a clown. Those two things became the basis for this version of Wonka."

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Friends: The one where I quote from the show

Ok I've been watching alot of Friends because I have no cable in my room and I thought it would be funny to start quoting from the show because I have nothing better to do then share the humor with the world. So here we go.....

Mike: "You're not one of those guys who's trying to get me to join a cult are you?"

Ross: "Ugh No"

Mike: "Oh cause you know, you have that look."


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday, July 15, 2005

Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

"Wow, that's weird"

- Willy Wonka

Those words are probably the best way I would describe this delightful family film. It truly is a family film. I sat in an audience with lil kids and I didn't mind that because it was a film they should come to the theater and enjoy and laugh.

The movie pretty much follows the book pretty well but it does add some background story to which explains a bit better why Willy Wonka is so socially awkward. Which from the book didn't seem like he was this socially awkward person. I think thats more of a combination of Depp and Burton's twisted take on the character. All the kids were casted perfectly and Augusus Gloomp was probably my favorite. Little fat kids..aghhhh the funniness of it all.

As far as acting, Depp turns in another solid role. I think he is probably the only actor I can think of that has had the opportunity to play such interesting and intriguing characters portrayed on film. Raoul Duke, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Captain Jack Sparrow,
George Jung, Ichabod Crane, and Gilbert Grape to name the memorable. Anyways you pretty much go in there expecting the best he has to offer and you come out of the picture remembering his quirkiness and slightly mischievious personality.

The sets were pretty amazing and it makes you wish a kind of chocolate factory exists. They were very Burton-esque and wonderfully weird. The intro to the factory and the giant chocolate waterfall is so cool and colorful.

The music was done by Danny Elfman, no shock there. I saw in the credits that he actually did all the vocals for the oompa loomps which was a nice touch. All the lyrics that Roald Dahl had written in the book were used and it was kinda nice to get a different melody and song for each lil piece in the movie. I loved Veruca Salt's song the best. I'm glad that Danny Elfman put the original lyrics to actual melodies.

Speaking of Oompa Loompas, they were all played by an actor named Deep Roy. This was an amazing special effect and all the old school camera tricks were cool as well. You also get a lil background on Loompaland and get to see what that looks like. All in all it was a great movie and a very wonderful family film to check out. If you're a big fan of the book, burton, depp, and the original, go check it out. All the kids applauded after it was over and I'll admit to clapping too.

As far as comparisons to the original, this one is a little more twisted and it does give a more social awkwardness to the character of Willy Wonka. They are both good films in my opinion and I like them both. Gene Wilder's the shit what can I say. "Hear no Evil, See no Evil" with Richard Pryor is an awesome movie! Ok I'm done.

OHHH By the way when the kids get introduced to Willy Wonka, it is probably one of the funniest scenes in the movie. And that damn song gets stuck in your head throughtout...time to download it HAHA.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Million Dollar!

Sunday, July 10 2005

Well Sunday, I went home because I was asked if I wanted to work this coming truck monday. I was like, "um do you have to ask?". Sooo I went home and spent Sunday @ The Zep's house eating and eating and then relaxing so I can eat again. While I was there, I watched "Johnson Family Vacation" which was a pretty crappy movie that I partially enjoyed because I like Cedric the Entertainer and I still think Vanessa Williams is kinda hot. After awhile, we went home and I had some drawings I needed to print out to show for Ms. Woods tomorrow. Ms. Woods is the teacher/author that I'm illustrating the book for. So I got that finished and I also wrapped up page number 2 of the comic book I'm doing on the side for this online web comic site. Sent those out and got my shit ready for tomorrow. It was pretty late by then so I stay up and watch "13 going on 30" which I borrowed from Jazmine. That movie was kinda funny and sad and reminded me of this other movie called "18 Again" with George Burns. ANYWAYS I only watched it cuz I think Jennifer Garner is kinda hot. She has this "good girl that can kick your ass" quality about her. Anyways I pass out and wake up around 11ish.

Monday, July 11 2005
My dad's knocked out the wall in our living room downstairs and he's putting in some tile and stuff. So our house looks like half a house @ the moment. I check my mail, play some gulid wars, and watch tv. I catch the first episode of "Hogan Knows Best" on vh1 and its pretty funny. He's all huge and tan and the daughters got some huge ones and she's tan. Anyways around 4:20 I get dropped off at Chicago Ridge and figure I have 10 minutes to kill so I begin to walk around the mall. I call up around 4:25 and turns out she's waiting. So I haul ass back to the Panera Bread and we have our meeting. Meeting goes over well and she likes the progress in which its coming together. John comes to pick me up and we head back to the house. The Castaneda girls stop by to say hello and John makes some stir fry. Skye plays on the computer and Jadda says she needs some pictures scanned. I tell her I'll do that for her tomorrow. I play Guild Wars a bit and then call it a night. I fall asleep watching Swingers.

Tuesday, July 12 2005
I wake up exactly at 8:15. I shower and get ready by 8:45. It's really gloomy and I feel so tired. I lay my head down and the doorbell rings. It's Frank. We head out and shoot the shit and talk about how we don't want to go to work. He drops me off and I begin my day. I pop in some music to make the day go by faster but my head starts retracing my steps of last week because I don't remember what I did with my Jurassic 5 cd. This bugs me forever as I'm still thinking about it 3 days later. I try to forget about it but damnit it's such a good cd. I put in "The Emancipation of Mimi" and play that through. I play John's Linkin Park Jay Z cd like 5 times in a row. All the while, I'm unwrapping this freaking dresser thats taken me pretty much 3 tuesdays to finish. I decide that this is the last day and begin to haul ass on it. I break around 2:30pm to take some money out and get a burger. I stop this Beef Franks place across the street from work and they serve up a mean meal of grease. I chow down. I feel fat and head back to work. I finish the unwrapping and begin my walk to the area of my cousin's work. Which by the way has a Loew's Theater by it. As I get there, a 4:15 show of "Fantastic Four" has started. I think about it but decide not to. I'd rather see "Charlie" first. I wait in Barne and Noble and sit in front of this real pretty girl reading a "People" magazine. I try not to stare and begin trying to draw Superman.

Superman is my favorite superhero of all time and I guess for that reason I can never draw him in a way that I am happy with. Everytime I draw it, I think it looks like crap. I can NEVER get it to look right and this is something that I'm determined to break. I finish my drawing and step back. It looks like shit to me. BLAH. I realize that was the last page in my sketch book and I need a new one. Something I like to do with each sketchbook or concept book is go back and look at what I've drawn in it and kinda relive the day/moment that I drew that particular image. I stumble upon a Bill and Ted image I did. I think to myself "SWEET!" and I begin to darken in the pencil. The burger I had was making its way out so I head to the john. I get in there and get a call from Frank. I tell him i'm in the pooper and I'll be right out. I didn't realize that it was 6 on the dot. We get home and John tells us to by taco shells. So after sitting around for a bit and talking to Jazmine and Leticia who have stopped by, Frank and I head off to Kmart.....THEY DON'T CARRY TACO SHELLS. How lame is that..they have pretty much everything else you can think of for mexican dining....salsa, cheese, sour creams...well at least I think so. We make our way to Shop and Save and I get a package of 12 which comes with Madagascar Trading Cards!!! I stop by Hollywood drop off some movies John and Jax rented and picked up "Million Dollar Baby". We get back but I decide not to eat until everyone else is done eating because it seemed kind crowded in the kitchen. i go upstairs and play some Guild Wars. Frank is watching tv. After they are done eating, Frank and I finish whatever is left and I "pretend" to forget I had to scan those pictures for Jadda. When I get up there, John has already done them all. YEssssssssssssssssss. After the night is pretty much over, I put in "Million Dollar Baby''. John is playing "Guild Wars" but he stops. He gets into the movie as do I. Frank falls in and out of sleep.

Review: Million Dollar Baby

Wow. I can understand why this movie one best picture now that I've seen it. Its truly an amazing piece of film and compare to "The Aviator", this is the better picture. The acting is terrific and the music and story telling is wonderful. Morgan Freeman by far is the best actor in this film. He narrates the story and they're just something about his voice that makes you want to listen to him. The only other narration job that I think does the same is Alec Baldwin in "Tenebaums". Anyways theres not much I can say about the film other then you have to see it for yourself. I heard alot of talk about it not being a boxing movie. But there is a hell of a lot of boxing in the film and its really well shot. You really like all the characters in this movie and you hate the ones you're suppposed to. Also the ending is kinda hush hush for people who haven't seen it..and I'll admit this is the one thing that is holding me back from purchasing the movie. It is a great movie don't get me wrong; but after the ending took place, I just couldn't really believe it and I guess from watching the entire thing through and then witnessing the ending I kind of wished it didn't go down the way it did. I'm not saying that the ending is bad or anything, but it just hit me a different way I guess. Well you have to see it for yourself to know what I'm talking about. Anyways John totally didn't expect to finish the entire movie because he had worked but he was engrossed by it that he didn't notice the 2hours and 30 minute run time. I think "The Aviator" had the same run time...I wouldn't know....I fell asleep.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

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Mitsuwa, El Rodeo, and Friday Night Stand Up

Friday July 8, 2005

Went to work in the morning which has pretty much sucked all week. It was fine whatever...Jeff wanted to try this Taco Place out by Barrington called El Rodeo. I was like whatever and I drove. Ordered up and I was happy as hell because they had Horchata which I've been craving for forever! Anyways I got the Taco Special which was 3 chicken soft tacos, mexican rice, and beans. It was the BOMB. Anyways we got our food to go and headed to the comic book store. I picked up the new issue of Army of Darkness: Shop till you Drop Dead and The Intimates. They had this sweet Superman Hardcover book there called the Infinite City but it was too expensive and I've been meaning to cut back on everything. Food, comics, movies, and more food. I just can't spends as much as I'd like to anymore. Anyways I got the comics and we headed back....this is what ruined the morning pretty much. These white guys in a white van (of course) pulled up and started asking me questions to my place so they can have sex with me. Then they insisted that asians are gay and all thise other stuff. I was like whatever and just drove off. Jeff was pissed and told him he's got directions of his foot in their asses. White people like that are dumb. You never see black guys harass you 'cause they're too busy listening to music and if you did start some shit you know not to fuck with them. Same thing with Mexicanos man. Yeah these white guys were looking bad ass with their mean french poodle. ANYWAYS that pretty much ruined my morning. Went back and ate my tacos and drank my horchata and felt really good. Jeff went to work and I was pretty much alone in the apt till about 3-4 ish when I get a call from The E. He tells me the Chinatown is a bust and we should opt for the Mitsuwa. After calls from other people like Hodge and the Sparkster. We saddle up the crew. Eric arrives first, then Hodge, we assume we're waiting for Sparkie but she gives me a ring and says she's on her way to Mitsuwa so we leave. We still have to pick up Willy and I call Jeff and leave him a voicemail to meet us there after he gets off work. Sparkie says she's already there and I tell her to wait for us and that Jeff will be over there in a bit. We pull up and Willy's hanging out with Jacy. Suprised as hell, we all pack in the Chariot of Thunder (Eric calls his saturn that....don't ask) and we drive over. Jeff and Sparkie are already waiting and we go ahead and dine in. I get some Kirin for my drink and I order the Omlett Rice. We talk about random bullshit like Turtles, Power Rangers, War of the Worlds, Frank Acton, and Jack Corrolo. It was good times, however I didn't like my meal this time and was kinda disappointed I didn't go with the usual Curry Rice. Anyways we head back to Willis' house so he can get dropped off to play WoW. We sit around for abit and realize that it's boring. We all go to my apt. We try to figure out what to do. And it seems like liquor is a good choice. Sparkie and I head back to her place to grab some wine and such that she had. Oh yeah by this time Robin's tagged along with us. Soooo anyhoo, we get back and they are drinking already and watching Dane Cook's stand up dvd. We sit and watch and laugh our asses off. Hodge leaves. After that, we watch the Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff and laugh even more. I feel tired and Jeff orders Dominoes...I then decide to fall asleep on the couch. Robin wakes me up to say bye and I slowly drift off again. I wake up and realize no one is here except Sparkie who has woken up to and seems to be getting all her shit ready to leave. Eric's gone and Jeff went to bed. I tell Sparkie goodnight and turn it. Its about 2am, I have work at 9 and thats gonna suck.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smith Review: Waf of the Worlds

Found this lil blurb of what Kevin Smith thought of "War of the Worlds".

"If you haven’t seen it already, rush out and peep this flick. It’s the best of the summer (“Sith” doesn’t count, as that came out before when I feel the summer truly begins). As I sat down to watch it, I was thinking 'Why would Spielberg bother with this flick? We’ve seen the alien invasion movie before. How many ways can this cat be skinned?' But homeboy blew me the fuck away. Homeboy did more than skin the cat; homeboy reinvented the cat from the inside out, then skinned it, then put the skin back on, the skinned the motherfucker again with all the skill and grace of an amazing surgeon. It’s the most tension-inducing flick I’ve seen since “J.F.K.” From the moment the lightning strikes my beloved New Jersey, you’re sucked into the flick and feeling unsettled. It’s so enveloping, I found myself feeling 'Christ, this is what it’d be like if aliens came. Never mind ‘E.T.’ or ‘Close Encounters’ – these fucks are all about destruction and extermination. I never want this to happen.” I loved every second of this flick, man. It’s just phenomenal.' "

- Kevin Smith from his online diary

Review: Howl's Moving Castle

*quick note...Eliza says "Rice Kripsies" instead of "Rice Krispies" hahaha we laughed about that all day 4th of July.'re welcome Liz.

I forgot to let y'all know Jacy and I saw the latest Miyazaki Film from the brilliant mind's at Studio Ghibli....i think thats right. Anyhoo not to ruin the whole imagination and brillance of the film without telling you EVERY cool part in the movie (trust me there are alots), it's pretty much about this girl who's turned to an old lady and seeks the help of a playboy of a wizards who just so happens to live on a moving castle powered by a fiery demon named Calcifer who is voiced by the sometimes host of the Oscars, Billy Crystal. The voice of the wizard in the english version is none other then Bruce Wayne himself. NO not Michael Keaton you losers, I mean Christian "I'm Batman" Bale. So it has this moving castle and these really awesome characters and a crazy imaginative story that has this war as it's backdrop and a wizard who tends to run away from his problems. It's got some mushy love stuff in there too.

So thats all I'll say about the movie to not ruin its sense of mystery and if you're curious you should definitely go see this in the theater. I'll say its a bit long but it really doesn't slow down that much. The movie is pretty much amazing. If you're a big fan of Miyazaki and his film, it will go right up your alley. Most guys I know would probably say they like "Princess Monoke" better because it tends to have more violence but this has some great animation as well. Personally I'm a bigger fan of "Spirited Away" and I'll admit to not seeing all of Miyazaki's films to consdier myself a hardcore fan but these three movies are good introductions to getting to know his style and types of characters on film. It really is a wondeful movie that its probably viewed better in the theater. Don't way for video because it'll lose some of the grand scale magic. The voicework was really well done and the ideas for some of the secondary characters are weird and wonderful at the same time. Turnip head and the Wicked Witch of the Waste are some of the ones that stand out. Oh and there's this REALLY REALLY funny scene of the Witch walking up these flights of stairs that just makes you piss your pants. All in all, it has a great story, great characters, beautiful animation, and on spot voicework. In a world where 3D animation seems to be a reigning king at the box office now a days, its good to see that traditional animation in small fortune cookie films like this can hold up if not even surpass the CG films of today.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July: So so weather, Sexcellent food, and Random movie madness.

Ok so we decided to have a 4th of July "get together waaa" at the Bridgeview house. It started at 2 which meant it started at 3 and I had to drive the echo because Jeff had a minor skin breakout that needed to be taken care of. So he was home for the weekend and lent me the car. I got up around 11am because I worked for Jeff the Sunday before and was kind of tired and slept in. Also feeling the effects of "War of the Worlds" I felt like watching "Minority Report" John called me a bunch of times and told me to get mustard and napkins. So on my way back I stopped at a Jewel. The whole ride I listened to "Quality Control" cd by Jurassic 5. Those guys are the bomb.

I get there and no one is there yet, John starts the grilling and it starts to rain. Jeff showed me his finger and that it was healing which was a good thing. Em and Kris show up with the rest of the plates, napkins, food and etc. Sure enough within the hour all the cousins that were gonna be there were there and the madness and fun began. Enore busted out the "Friends" game and pretty much played that on and off...some of those Qs are hard. Like..whats' Gunther's roommates name. WHAT THE F was that haha. With the weather being all "hey its gone rain" it wasn't that bad. We still played ball. When Gma-unit came out, she wanted me to buy her ice cream cake. So Fred and I went to Baskin Robbins and got some Oreo ice cream cake. Pretty much the rest of the day was eating playing ball and we played some Catch Phrase too. Lanie and the Bacs had this weird dance they did to this Killers song which was pretty funny to watch..those girls are a riot!!!!

At the end of the night, the Bacs, Lags, Frank, and The Lanie-nator we're still here. I told them about the random movie game. Anyone who's played it with me knows its pretty much a worthless game but for some reason ends up being played for hours. We got some good ones in there like "Good Burger, Space Truckers, Senorita Justice, Heavy Weights, Fat Albert, My Dog Skip. ANWAYS you can tell by the titles how pointless and funny this game can get. Jeff left after awhile to head back to the 'Burg. I realized only later that I had all my shit with me fro Tuesday in the back seat...good one Jay. After playing this for awhile and listening to the Napolean Soundtrack..which was a shout out to Lanie, I got a phonecall from my friend Kiera or as I like to call her "Special K" and we ended up talking for a bit about our 4th parties and other crap. I had gotten a txt message from her earlier in the day and thought it was awesome of her so I told her to call me later. That phone call was pretty much the Q for everyone to leave. Just as everyone was leaving John and Jax got back from watching fireworks with Harold G and his "Pfriend" Karen. Special K and I talked a bit more and decided to make future future plans to hang out sometime and get some DDR going. I pretty much end up watching John play Batman the rest of the night and update the blog. I talked to my friend Gigi who I tried to call earlier in the day but got some other chick's phone number...we get the number straightened out and talk before she abruptly signs off. I put my chonies and my shirt in the washer to get them clean for work seeing how I left all my crap in the Echo.

- J

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Review: War of the Worlds and stupid parents.

Ok I've been meaning to review this movie and after hearing other people's opinions and takes on the film, I'll have to say that I actually liked this film. I know people are gonna hate me for it but there are my reasons why I liked it. For one thing, it is a Sci Fi movie about an alien invasion...and I know people are like...there weren't enough aliens. But I respect the fact that Spielberg, Cruise, and Koepp decided to give us their own vision of an alien movie. To me, both times I saw the film (yes I saw it twice) I saw it as a story about a man learning how to be a father. The whole alien invasion to me was kind of this tool to support the main story of a Jerk father who learns who to take care of his kids. Don't get me wrong, this is still a sci fi movie and it does have some pretty good destruction. Roger Ebert was asking, "What happened to the sense of wonder Spielberg celebrated in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and the dazzling imagination of "Minority Report"? Well I think in that the imagination and wonder was still there, but those were a different kinds of science fiction movies. I respect what Spielberg did with the movie and how he incorporated this sense of human emotion throughout the film. I don't think he lost any kind of wonder or imagination because some of the shots, were really clever and suprisingly intense. One scene that really caught my eye was the driving scene where they are on the highway and the camera just moves so fluently and fast with paceing of the the scene and dialogue. It gave me that sense of rushness. I don't know how he was able to swing from the passenger to the front to the back to the windshield without the audience losing was a really amazing shot. The CG was very subtle and you could totally tell that it would be there if it were real. It just moved in the space the right way. I think Spielberg put more emotion then anything in this picture and I think that is what makes you like it or hate it and thats very ballsy. I felt something for all the characters in the film, it wasn't lame like when Will Smith punches that alien and knocks him out cold saying "welcome to earth". It was a more mature intense picture then that and I applaud for standing out.

Some of the negatives I would say, would probably be the stupid parents that think they can bring their little kids to see a pg-13 movie. I thought rating was appropriate but the audience wasn't. Now a days people are making movies to fit a younger audience to fil seats when it shouldn't even be that way. "Batman Begins" is an adult movie, you don't take kids to see a "real" Batman movie. He's a much darker and moodier superhero then a Spiderman or even the X-men. This movie should not be viewed by kids because its for the adults and the young adults that KNOW what the Batman character is all about. Another example is "The Longest Yard", you do not take your lil sons and daughters to a FOOTBALL PRISON movie just because it has Adam Sandler in it. This movie has the word nigger in it like 5 times and when I saw it there were these stupid parents that abrought their kids to go see it. So when the "n word" came up and they were appauled thats your goddamn fautl. You don't blame the movie because it says rated for violence and STRONG language. What does that tell? They say words like darn and poop. NO they say FUCK AND SHIT. Honestly don't bring your kids to these kinds movies because A. You're gonna get offended and mad because of the content and B. You're fucking pissing me off bringing your talky ass kids and sitting right behind me annoying the shit out of me.

As far as negatives for the movie, there are some parts they could've cut down but I didn't mind too much. The fact that everyone didn't like the ending ALTHOUGH I heard recently that it was the original ending of the first movie so I respect that they didn't change it up...(goddamn Burton and his lincoln Ape) One other thing I didnt like was the fat guy behind me who thought he was all bad ass because he already saw the King Kong trailer. Look I saw it way before you buddy but I'm not flaunting on how much of a loser I am.

So thats my review for War of the Worlds...a movie that I like. Bring on the hate mail.

I'm out this bitch.

- J