Friday, June 10, 2005

Room's a changing and a European Assault...Into the West.

Friday June 10, 2005

I got up to go to work and felt really exhausted. The heat in my room is unbearable at times and I don't like it when I'm sleeping and my balls are sweaty. I popped in disc 3 of "Lois and Clark" and fell asleep to it. I bought this past week and it still holds up...but thats because I'm in love with Teri Hatcher and even more in love with the whole Superman mythos. Before "Smallville" came on television and made me wet my pants with excitement over a Superman show, "Lois and Clark" did it back in '93. It certainly is a different take on Superman focusing more on the relationship aspect of it rather then Superman flying around and kicking major ass. Either way, I love new spins on a timeless character and this was just the same.

I get to work and feel really tired but we suprisingly get the truck done on time and we're outta hear by 11. Jeff makes a stop at gamestop and he picks up these movies he had on hold. "The Last Starfighter", "Shrek", and this Van Damme flick called "Black Eagle" (ohh I can't wait). We get paid today and that made me happy. We get home and I'm about ready to pass out. We order some Panda and I get the Shrimp with Chinese vegetable. That just made me more sleepy. I pass out around 2:00 and wake up every hour but going back to sleep because I was so tired. I get up at 5pm and begin reworking my room. Which means removing my obnoxiously large bunk bed. So for about 2 hours, Jeff and I disassemble the thing and put the pieces by the dumpster hoping that someoone will pick it up. I move two of the 4 couches that Jeff and Serena found in my room and arrange everything to make it all nice and stuff. We use my dad's steam cleaner to get read of all the nastiness thats hidden to the human and eye and sure enough, when we're done with the whole thing, there's like this bucket of brown water begging to be thrown done the toliet. Anyways after all is said in done, my room's aahhh incredible. (thanks napolean) Theres alot more leg room, not that much but there isn't some big ass bed blocking most of the carpet. After a long while of doing this, I take a shower and get my self all un-nastified. This TNT mini-series was on called "Into the West" and I watch most of it and find it pretty entertaining. Garey Busey makes a suprise comeback in it but sadly his crazniess had to come to an end. Oh I didn't spoil anything..its just that Gary Busey dies alot in the movie's his in. (Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Soldier). I play this game called "Medal of Honor: European Assault" for the ps2. I love war FPS and this one is pretty damn good for a console game. I usually stick to mouse and keyboard play when it comes to those kinds of games but I gave this one a shot and it was pretty awesome. I stop after two missions and decide to update the blog because I haven't done so in almost 2 weeks.

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