Friday, June 03, 2005

Memorial Day, new cds, work and chili dogs.

Memorial Day 2005

Woke up and was bored. Jackie's uncle had a bbq that afternoon so since no one had planned anything, we went there. Man we ate alot of good food and I'm pretty sure my belt was wondering whats up with the expanding all of a sudden. We stayed there for a good while, talk to some people I didn't know and conversed with Jackie's dad and mom for a bit. John and I played Volleyball and I laughed at us a bunch of times because our reflexes are that of a bear in hybernation. It was good times all around. After the party, Jax remembered that all cds were 9.99 at Circuit city. I thought "crap I'm gonna buy something". We got there because she was looking for the new Mariah Carey album. She didn't find it so ended up going to another Circuit City. John ended up buying the soundtrack to "Napolean Dynamite". (Dang thats sweet!) He also bough Del La Soul's newest album. I bought the Gorillaz first cd and Jurassic 5's "Quality Control". That cd rocks my world. After we got back, I can't remember much of anything else..I think that was also the night we watched "Shaun of the Dead" because he's never seen it. And I forgot how funny that movie is and John ended up liking it too. I liked being home this past weekend because I saw the cousins, watched like three movies, and hung out with John. It was B A N A N A S. (sorry hahaha but I knew I was gonna use that somewhere damn radio songs!!) The sad thing is I actually own Gwenny Gwen's cd because it reminds me of some old 80s pop stuff. But the radio played the crap out of that song and now I don't like it as much. When I first heard it I thought it was kinda its just one of those songs I can laugh at.

Tueday, May 31 2005

I got up for work, Frank and I did our normal routine. I got dropped off worked till 4 and headed to his work to chill till 6. I was extremely hungry but was forcing myself not to spend money on food. Sure enough this place took debit and had chili dogs. It was a place called "Choppers" on Ashland ave. Pretty good heart attack food joint. Anyhoo, I got some onion rings with that and they were pretty good...but by the time I finished the dog and fries, the rings were a bit much and I started feeling that "man i'm fat" feeling. I check my phone to make sure I'm on good time and noticed that Frank called my phone and left me at text. He said that he got out early and was hoping I didn't run off to go watch a movie at the theatre by where he works. I tell him to pick me up by the school across the street. We get to Bridgeview and my dad says to grill up some burgers. I get that "ohh burgers, but I just ate a chili dog" feeling in my head and stomach. I go to buy buns and cheese and everyone gets home around the time we do. So we grill some burgers, eat some halo halo. After that, John picks up the B-ball and we go outside. We shoot around, joke, and talk for almost 3 hours. I love doing that, aghh bonding family...sniff. Anyways afterwards, we go inside once it gets dark and just chill-lax. In the house, its more of the same. John hits the bed, Frank and I move the cars, and Frank heads home. I stay up for an hour and decide to go to sleep. I put on the Jurassic 5 album and try to listen to all the tracks but sadly I fall asleep around track 2. I haven't heard the whole album yet because when I listen to it at night and I fall asleep. I make a mental note to play it next time I'm not tired.

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