Sunday, June 26, 2005

Land of the Dead

Friday June 24, 2005
It seems to me, the only interesting thing this blog is used for is movie reviews. Because, nothing really exciting happens to me and if something does, it would be weeks after that I would put it up in my blog. But I've seen alot of Dvds and films over the past month and I have to tell you, I got a lot of crap to write about when it comes to movies. SOoooooo let's start with my most recent theater experience.

It was the day before Willy's bday and he wanted to see "Land of the Dead". I was totally up for it because I've had a recent fascination with zombie related stuff. Mostly from hanging out with Jacy and Spencer these past couple years. Anyways......

Land of the Dead

"In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word "trouble" has lost its meaning."

- Dennis Hopper

Pretty ballsy zombie movie I say. All the characters were well written and the scare moments were perfect. I admit to jumping at least one or two times. It had its suprisingly funny moments and alot of people admit to this being Romero's "Masterpiece". I guess I could admit to that but I've only seen "Night" and the remake of "Dawn". I actually liked Night a lil bit more because Jacy and I saw it during the day and it was STILL kinda creepy..especially the black and whiteness of it all. Anyways, back to Land. John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper were my two favorite characters. Leguizamo has played this role of "hard ass dick weed, looking out for number 1" character to T. The plot is pretty good and I found it interesting that Romero gave the Zombies (particularly the main zombhead "Big Daddy") a sense of purpose and feeling. It seems in some ways that the human supply runners are the enemies, tormenting the zombies because they can, when the whole time they just want to exist. Its funny how the upperclass humans do not pay attention to the world outside of the glass doors which is filled with misery until the misery comes in and pretty much shoves that so-called happy life out the window.

If you're not a fan of zombie movies then don't see it. But if you're looking for a movie that will entertain you and scare the piss out of you...dig in.

After the movie, we stood around talking and I gave Willis his 20 dollar best buy gift card which he said would go towards "News Radio". I went home and passed out around 2am.

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