Sunday, June 26, 2005

Land of the Dead

Friday June 24, 2005
It seems to me, the only interesting thing this blog is used for is movie reviews. Because, nothing really exciting happens to me and if something does, it would be weeks after that I would put it up in my blog. But I've seen alot of Dvds and films over the past month and I have to tell you, I got a lot of crap to write about when it comes to movies. SOoooooo let's start with my most recent theater experience.

It was the day before Willy's bday and he wanted to see "Land of the Dead". I was totally up for it because I've had a recent fascination with zombie related stuff. Mostly from hanging out with Jacy and Spencer these past couple years. Anyways......

Land of the Dead

"In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word "trouble" has lost its meaning."

- Dennis Hopper

Pretty ballsy zombie movie I say. All the characters were well written and the scare moments were perfect. I admit to jumping at least one or two times. It had its suprisingly funny moments and alot of people admit to this being Romero's "Masterpiece". I guess I could admit to that but I've only seen "Night" and the remake of "Dawn". I actually liked Night a lil bit more because Jacy and I saw it during the day and it was STILL kinda creepy..especially the black and whiteness of it all. Anyways, back to Land. John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper were my two favorite characters. Leguizamo has played this role of "hard ass dick weed, looking out for number 1" character to T. The plot is pretty good and I found it interesting that Romero gave the Zombies (particularly the main zombhead "Big Daddy") a sense of purpose and feeling. It seems in some ways that the human supply runners are the enemies, tormenting the zombies because they can, when the whole time they just want to exist. Its funny how the upperclass humans do not pay attention to the world outside of the glass doors which is filled with misery until the misery comes in and pretty much shoves that so-called happy life out the window.

If you're not a fan of zombie movies then don't see it. But if you're looking for a movie that will entertain you and scare the piss out of you...dig in.

After the movie, we stood around talking and I gave Willis his 20 dollar best buy gift card which he said would go towards "News Radio". I went home and passed out around 2am.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Eating bbq, hitting some softballs, and busting our Craniums.

Here's the link to pics of our bbq softball thing a ma jigger I had.

Saturday June 19, 2005

This was a fun day and a big thanks to John and Jackie for supplying with the main chunk of the food and for my co-worker Tammy for giving me a free bbq grill. This was good times, I was happy to have everyone who showed up come and the softball was really awesome. Again, a high scoring game only because we had so many errors and Jackie's dad, Fello kept knocking them out of the park. We can't run that fast man. After all the cousin's left, Eric, Burroughs, Hodge, Sparkie, Kyle, Willis, and Robin stayed for awhile to play some boardgames. I had the bright idea to pair the girls together and we ened up getting our asses kicked. After that LONG game, we played some Scategories and Hodge and I got last place. We're good. HAHA After the long night, I hung out with Sparkie and tried to watch The Pianist....I didn't know that it was as sad and shocking as it was and I ended up turning it off and passing out on Sparkie's couch. Watching Jews getting whacked at 2:30 in the morning is not something I want to do again. I woke up around 9 and Sparkie and myself watched the movie "Out Cold". It was really funny and had the comedian Zack Galifinakas. If you've ever seen his stand up its pretty freaking hilarious. Anyways after that, I went home to clean the apartment but Jeff and Serena had already done so. Thanks guys.

I just chilled for a bit and went to Best Buy to spend my giftcards that Julie and Krista so happily gave me. Thanks!!!! I was walking around with "Samurai Jack season 2" and "News Radio". It took all the strength and will power to put back "News Radio" and opted for a Hieroglyphics "Full Circle" cd. (This guys are freakin' awesome and I'm ashamed that I didn't know about them earlier) I got back and popped in ' Jack. It's an awesome show. I pass out and wake up around 7pm!!!!!!!!!! Just in time to hang out with Jeff for a bit. I get a call from Sparkie, she's really bored and I thought this would be a good time to watch "Shaun of the Dead" again. ( I think i've seen it 20 times since I've bought it.) So I head to her place and we talk for a bit and pop in the movie. Man that movie gets me everytime. Around the time the credits roll, her roommate comes home from her weekend. I chit chat for a bit before I go. I have crappy work and I have to be up at 5am. So I bid farewell to the ladies and head back to pass out on my awesome couch/bed.

Monday June 21, 2005

I have work and it goes by pretty quickly and we ge out around 10:40am. I have to go back to the 'view today. But since we got out early, I'm really tired and decide to vegitate for about 3 hours....just enough to sit and watch the ECW pay per view...which was freaking awesome. Taz came out...yeah with one Z not two and he choked out Kurt Angle. That was my highlight....haha. Anyways, thats pretty much all I wanted to see. That and Sabu oh and the Mike Awesome match was just that. He threw the other guy threw the table like 30 times HAHA ok well not 30 but a lot of wood was used. I get home around 2:30pm and Gma is there apparently she wasn't alone because my aunt was there about 10 minutes before I got there. She had to leave for work though. I end up watching Samurai Jack season 2 till I fall asleep which is around 5 or 6. I wake up around the time John and Jax get back. We stay up for a bit and John and I end up watching Ong Bak. I pass out around 1.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Room's a changing and a European Assault...Into the West.

Friday June 10, 2005

I got up to go to work and felt really exhausted. The heat in my room is unbearable at times and I don't like it when I'm sleeping and my balls are sweaty. I popped in disc 3 of "Lois and Clark" and fell asleep to it. I bought this past week and it still holds up...but thats because I'm in love with Teri Hatcher and even more in love with the whole Superman mythos. Before "Smallville" came on television and made me wet my pants with excitement over a Superman show, "Lois and Clark" did it back in '93. It certainly is a different take on Superman focusing more on the relationship aspect of it rather then Superman flying around and kicking major ass. Either way, I love new spins on a timeless character and this was just the same.

I get to work and feel really tired but we suprisingly get the truck done on time and we're outta hear by 11. Jeff makes a stop at gamestop and he picks up these movies he had on hold. "The Last Starfighter", "Shrek", and this Van Damme flick called "Black Eagle" (ohh I can't wait). We get paid today and that made me happy. We get home and I'm about ready to pass out. We order some Panda and I get the Shrimp with Chinese vegetable. That just made me more sleepy. I pass out around 2:00 and wake up every hour but going back to sleep because I was so tired. I get up at 5pm and begin reworking my room. Which means removing my obnoxiously large bunk bed. So for about 2 hours, Jeff and I disassemble the thing and put the pieces by the dumpster hoping that someoone will pick it up. I move two of the 4 couches that Jeff and Serena found in my room and arrange everything to make it all nice and stuff. We use my dad's steam cleaner to get read of all the nastiness thats hidden to the human and eye and sure enough, when we're done with the whole thing, there's like this bucket of brown water begging to be thrown done the toliet. Anyways after all is said in done, my room's aahhh incredible. (thanks napolean) Theres alot more leg room, not that much but there isn't some big ass bed blocking most of the carpet. After a long while of doing this, I take a shower and get my self all un-nastified. This TNT mini-series was on called "Into the West" and I watch most of it and find it pretty entertaining. Garey Busey makes a suprise comeback in it but sadly his crazniess had to come to an end. Oh I didn't spoil anything..its just that Gary Busey dies alot in the movie's his in. (Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Soldier). I play this game called "Medal of Honor: European Assault" for the ps2. I love war FPS and this one is pretty damn good for a console game. I usually stick to mouse and keyboard play when it comes to those kinds of games but I gave this one a shot and it was pretty awesome. I stop after two missions and decide to update the blog because I haven't done so in almost 2 weeks.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Memorial Day, new cds, work and chili dogs.

Memorial Day 2005

Woke up and was bored. Jackie's uncle had a bbq that afternoon so since no one had planned anything, we went there. Man we ate alot of good food and I'm pretty sure my belt was wondering whats up with the expanding all of a sudden. We stayed there for a good while, talk to some people I didn't know and conversed with Jackie's dad and mom for a bit. John and I played Volleyball and I laughed at us a bunch of times because our reflexes are that of a bear in hybernation. It was good times all around. After the party, Jax remembered that all cds were 9.99 at Circuit city. I thought "crap I'm gonna buy something". We got there because she was looking for the new Mariah Carey album. She didn't find it so ended up going to another Circuit City. John ended up buying the soundtrack to "Napolean Dynamite". (Dang thats sweet!) He also bough Del La Soul's newest album. I bought the Gorillaz first cd and Jurassic 5's "Quality Control". That cd rocks my world. After we got back, I can't remember much of anything else..I think that was also the night we watched "Shaun of the Dead" because he's never seen it. And I forgot how funny that movie is and John ended up liking it too. I liked being home this past weekend because I saw the cousins, watched like three movies, and hung out with John. It was B A N A N A S. (sorry hahaha but I knew I was gonna use that somewhere damn radio songs!!) The sad thing is I actually own Gwenny Gwen's cd because it reminds me of some old 80s pop stuff. But the radio played the crap out of that song and now I don't like it as much. When I first heard it I thought it was kinda its just one of those songs I can laugh at.

Tueday, May 31 2005

I got up for work, Frank and I did our normal routine. I got dropped off worked till 4 and headed to his work to chill till 6. I was extremely hungry but was forcing myself not to spend money on food. Sure enough this place took debit and had chili dogs. It was a place called "Choppers" on Ashland ave. Pretty good heart attack food joint. Anyhoo, I got some onion rings with that and they were pretty good...but by the time I finished the dog and fries, the rings were a bit much and I started feeling that "man i'm fat" feeling. I check my phone to make sure I'm on good time and noticed that Frank called my phone and left me at text. He said that he got out early and was hoping I didn't run off to go watch a movie at the theatre by where he works. I tell him to pick me up by the school across the street. We get to Bridgeview and my dad says to grill up some burgers. I get that "ohh burgers, but I just ate a chili dog" feeling in my head and stomach. I go to buy buns and cheese and everyone gets home around the time we do. So we grill some burgers, eat some halo halo. After that, John picks up the B-ball and we go outside. We shoot around, joke, and talk for almost 3 hours. I love doing that, aghh bonding family...sniff. Anyways afterwards, we go inside once it gets dark and just chill-lax. In the house, its more of the same. John hits the bed, Frank and I move the cars, and Frank heads home. I stay up for an hour and decide to go to sleep. I put on the Jurassic 5 album and try to listen to all the tracks but sadly I fall asleep around track 2. I haven't heard the whole album yet because when I listen to it at night and I fall asleep. I make a mental note to play it next time I'm not tired.