Thursday, May 05, 2005

Work and Colons.

Tuesday May 3, 2005

- Woke up for work, Francis was running late. We still made it on time. Decided to get some lunch around 2. He text messages me and says that he has alot of work and won't be able to get some lunch till about 4pm. (which is when I'm finished anyway). So 4 O' Clock hits and I say goodbye to the folks at Live 2 Tell Pictures. I begin my walk to Moosejaw the company that Frank works for. Its about a 25-30 minute walk especially since I don't know where I'm heading exactly. But I find the big Loews theater and I know I'm there. I call him up and we meet outside for some Mickey D's. I had a craving for a Big Mac. We sit down and talk about normal shit and goof off like we usually do. We head back and I chill at Barnes in Noble till he's done. At Barnes, I check out this sweet graphic novel I wanted to get called "It's A Bird..." it's this semi-autobiographical tale by Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen. Of course, it's about Superman. So I start reading that and get really into it before I decide to stop and not spoil it until I get a copy for my own. I check own some cook books before I get a call from Frank. We head back.

- Jax is cooking up some chicken stuff and all the folks are downstairs chit chatting. John comes home and then Frank heads off to school. We all sit for dinner and the Padre talks about life in Belgium and its pretty intersting about how schooling systems work there and how food is. After that, I play around the computer for a bit and then go upstairs. Jax is watching this Oprah special on healthy bodies and they do this segment on shit. Its really gross and interesting at the same time. Theres these ladies that eat nothing but fried foods and there shit comes out all black like marbles and in chunks. This doctor says that the healthy way to crap is if its in an S shape or like a banana. I pay myself on the back because I dropped a log not to long ago. After watching that and realizing how unhealthy I've been eating I go downstair and tell John what I saw. After awhile we all go back upstairs and watch tha episode of Oprah again because to be honest with you it was pretty damn interesting.

Wednesday May 4, 2005

- John and I head back to Schaumburg around 7am. We talk about usually stuff, wedding plans, career plans, etc. John's a badass. He calls his work telling them he's gonna be late for personal errands. Sad, I'm an errand. Anyways we get to schaumburg and talk about how gross that oprah was. Then we go to McDonalds for some McGriddles haha it was really funny because we were just talking about eating healthier but John said he hasn't had a McGriddle in a long time. WHATEVER. He drops me off and I see Jeff and Serena getting ready for work. They leave and I try to go back to bed before work at TCS at 5. I don't go to bed and work on some stuff that I really need to get done. Jeff comes home and we got to Burger king and see all these damn public schools hanging out there. Honestly who hangs out at a Burger King...stupid idiots. I go to work which I don't want to do and its suprisingly slow but I'm out by 9:30. I head back and catch the new Smallville which was an alright episode. I hit the bed and call it a night.

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