Saturday, May 14, 2005


Friday the 13th, 2005
Ohhhh Scary. WHATEVER. Had work at 5 got out pretty early around 10:45 which was nice. Worked went by nicely because we ran things a lil differently on the truck and it seemed to work out pretty nice. Got home and was getting pumped because "Unleashed" the new Jet Li flick came out today. I was waiting for this movie more then anything...even Episode III shit even more then Mostner in Law. (yeah right that movie looks like a pooped it out an hour ago.)

So I decided to chill til the Jet Li a thon began around 5:30pm. I played some Call of Duty and worked on some work stuff on and off. Around 2 or so, I went to the comic book store and picked up the new issue of "The Intimates" and a one issue of "Batman/Superman" written by Loeb. Both issues were sweet and I was tempted to pick up the new Boondocks collection that came out, "Public Enemy No. 2". What a sweet title.

Drove to Dominick's to get some food for myself and the Jet Li party. I decided to buy some sandwich supplies, some chips and dip, and a case of Dew. I also bought some food for myself seeing how it was pay day as well. Everytime I get paid I think of that Twista song and I repeat the chorus in my head over and over.

It's a lovely day
just got paid
stack it up
be on my way

It's a lovely day
lovely day
lovely daaayyyyy!

Anyways, I got back home and chilled some more. Around 4, Hermano (that's jeff, folks) got ready for work and I began making the sandwiches. I made about pretty much a whole loaf's worth and cut them in half. So I had about 30 sandwich halfs with turkey and cheese or pb and j. I busted out the pop and the chips. I call up people to see if they would actually show up. I get a gurantee from at least 2 people and the rest are either voicemails or they just drop out entirely (bitches) haha. Sure enough 5:30 rolls on and I pop in the first movie, "Twin Warriors". I forgot how really bad ass the movie is. And yes pretty much the entire first movie of the marathon, I was the only one watching. Around the time I start the 2nd movie, E shows up and I'm happy as hell because that guy's always there. We sit down and dick around while we watch "The Defender". Then a couple minutes later Bitner shows up and he digs into some food. So it's E, Bitner, myself, and Serena. A couple of calls later and pretty much near the last 40 mioutes Tammy shows up. Tammy's a co-worker with me at TCS. After the first two movies, Hodge calls up and tells us he's going straight to Lowes. After watching the crappy fights in Cradle 2 The Grave, we head out to Woodfield. Tammy lets me drive her Highlander and its a pretty sweet ride. We get there and its ass packed with stupid highschool kids.

We all meet up and say our heeellllooos. I am officially introduced to Hodge's girlfriend, Jessica. She's already cool in my book because she likes Jet Li. We get our seats and I sit in front of seat kickers. Anyways, the movie starts and I'm blown away within the first 5 minutes. The movie couldn't have worked if they thought of it as some stupid action movie but no they didn't. They took their time with the characters and developed a story that's both touching and heartfelt. After all, it is Luc Besson, who wrote and directed one of my favorites, "The Professional."

I'm blown away by the great casting and in my opinion, Jet Li's gives such a warm and endearing peformance. They also could've casted schlubs for the other main characters, but no, Bob Hoskins gives one of his best performances to date and I've never seen the ganster character so alive and ferocious then when he plays Bart, Jet Li's Master. The piano tuner was a pretty simple character to start with but Morgan Freeman gave him so much depth and quality in his bit part that he's just as enjoyable.

The action is off the wall though. It's well paced and the fights are pretty incredible and just raw. I think some of the key elements that I liked about the story were the transistion cuts and the color palette of the film. It felt like it was a rainy, foggy, sad, depressing world that Danny lived in throughout the entire film. Only when he stumbles upon some happiness does the color palette change but the grays and blues still remain on the outside as compared to the warm browns and beige's of the house he begins to call home.

All in all it was a really kick ass movie and it was suprisingly funny too. ANYWAYS after the flick, we parted ways with Hodge and went back to my apt to chill. I forgot I needed to borrow Ong Bak and I, Not Stupid from Hodge and quickly text him. Then its 2am and everyone's tired and we all say goodbye although Eric left a lil before Bitner and Tammy did. I call it a night and relieve the entire Unleashed experience in my head. I think I'm gonna see it again. I'm out.

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