Monday, May 02, 2005

Tae Guk Gi and some Fockers.....

Sunday May 02, 2005

- I wake up to talking filipinos. My parents plan the day with the Padre and they hit the road. Making use of the new table in John's room. I stay up there most of the day and occasionally check my email while I ink some pages for the books. I put in Meet the Fockers and its suprisingly funny. I dont know what people were talking about I like almost everything except Barbra Streisand and the gay subplot with the grandson. But I get in a few chuckles and Bobby always cracks me up. Dustin does a pretty good job too even though I wanted Jerry Stiller (Ben's real father) in the role instead. Afer that I take a break and watch some of the bloopers which aren't that funny unless you find Bobby Deniro's face REALLY funny. (which I do)

- So I ink and watch and then take a break to eat some empinadas. Hmmmm good stuff. I start up again and watch the movie Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War. Now I was inking for the most part but I got into this movie. It was really good! Like Private Ryan good. But they involved so many interesting stories with it. Like, betrayal, special missions involving the company troop and things like that. I really like this movie and its pretty breathtaking to see and violent as hell. After I sat through that, Jax came home and then John and pretty much just had another typical night. All in all I guess you could say it was a good "work" day.

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