Thursday, May 19, 2005

Smallville Ends, Batman Begins, and The Rest is History

Tuesday May 17th, 2005

- Got up for work 2 hours before my alarm on my phone went off. What the crap is that. So I rolled over and waited for Frank or Emil's phone call. So I fall back asleep. Doorbell rings and I have to wake my ass up. Already I'm not feeling to hot today and want to go home. Frank's been pointing out he has finals the next couple of weeks and he's been dragging ass at work cuz of it. I have no finals but feel like my ass is being dragged just from hearing about it. We get to work and it sucks. I'm having a problem forming the word "recipe" on my lip sync animation and I get frustrated. I take a breather around 1 and go to starbucks for a ice cold vanilla latte and an egg salad sandwich. The sandwich was really good and the latte boosted me up a bit. I head back to the office and get 2 missed calls from Jp my brother jp. (inside joke) I call him back and he tells me that he's got an extra ticket to Episode III I sadly decline because I have to work some crap ass shit Wednesday night. I get a voice mail from Frank telling me he wants to leave. It's 3:30 and I happily accept to call it a day. I tell the guys at work that I have to cut my day out early. They said it was cool and Frank and myself head back home. We get back pretty early and Pops has some food for us. Frank busts out the book and begins to study. I eat like a fat ass. Jax is upstairs sleeping and Jp comes home. Then I let Frank study for a bit and watch some tv/do nothing. I decide to take a shower because I smell like swass. I feel better and when I get out I hear the Cas girls downstairs. I come down to see Aunt Carol and the three kids. I think she was asking Frank to listen to their recitals for a competion. They each play and I'm amazed at the skill level because I'm pretty sure they are better then me now.

Frank leaves for his test and Jax is awake. We sit around and then I tell John about the funny finale of Joey. We go upstairs to watch it and his Tivo only records the first half. I get pissed because he missed the most awesomest part. Jax says we should go to Target and I agree. At Target I look at all the cool stuff I could get (games, dvds, cds) and hold back because I fear of going over my personal spending limit. John and I try on hats and I realize I look good in those Cedric the Entertainer type hats. (must be a fat guy thing) After Target we go to Caribou Coffe and I have some more cold vanilla coffe drink. I'm pretty wired and John, Jax, and myself shoot the shit for a good while. We go back and I tell John that Life Aquatic is pretty funny and he'd probably like it. I however think only the second half is funny because of the Filipino pirates. (I failed to mention I rented it the night before) Around midnight I get a text from Frank and he asked where I am and is suprised that no one is online. I call him up and ask him how his test went. He said he bombed with flying colors. He also tells me that his girl had a copy of the test and he didn't want to cheat. Tsk Tsk Tsk. After talking with him for a while, I stay up a bit and then fall asleep listening to 97.1.

Wednesday May 18 2005

- I wake up and its like almost 10. I get ready and begin packing all my shit to head back to Schaumburg. I'm not looking forward to working this crap shift that night but whatever. More green in my pocket. We drive back and its a pretty long drive because my dad likes to take the local streets. I get back and he drops me off. No one's home and I check my room. Good ole room still crappy the way I left it. I notice one of my tax return checks was on my desk. I open it and call up my Pops. Luckily he hasn't fully left yet and I told him to come back so he can deposit my phat cash. Feeling bored, I put on TMNT the movie. I dont know why but it still holds up. I take a break from it to check my mail and talk to Willis for a bit. Jeff comes home and tells me he's working the game store today. Jack and shit happens till I saddle up for work. I get to work and its dead silent. I keep myself busy till then and it goes by pretty fast. I tell my boss I need to take an hour to drive my brother home so I can get the car back and have a ride when I get out at 1. I said I would stay till about 1am and do some small projects around the store while the carpet cleaner guys come in and do their thing with the floors. Its alot of moving crap around esepcially in the back offices. It runs a lil later then 1am and my boss says to leave the stuff in the morning seeing how the wax still has to dry and things like that. I get back around 2am and chow down on a whopper I had bought after I dropped Jeff off. Jeff rewind the tape back on Smallville so I watched the season finale. Holy crap this show is amazing and it ended on a sweet cliffhanger that made me wet myself. The best part though was a 10 minute look at Batman Begins. It was the most amazing hour and a half of television I have watched in a good long while. I get a text around that time and its John.

The text read "it was ok". I can't think at this hour and realize he was talking about Episode III....and I am reminded that everyone and their mom went and saw it tonight. I call him up and he tells me his likes and dislikes and that pretty much it was alot of hype but in the end..."it was ok". So I go to bed and call it a long ass day.

Thursday May 19 2005

- I wake up around noon and feel pretty good. Still a lil tired but thats because I slept too late and went to bed REALLY late. I get up and see Jeff playing around his pc, he got a haircut. I notice that the new Predator game for the 'box is by my tv. Jeff had rented it from the game store the night before because he knew I wanted to try it out. I decide to work on stuff today and get some book stuff done. I sit down and get up and sit down and get up. I can't seem to concentrate for some reason. Serena calls and she needs to be picked up. So I told Jeff I would get her because I wanted to stop by Circuit City and pick up this rapper's album. So we go get here and I told him we should just go to Best Buy. I browse around and they have only one copy left. The album is "The Rest is History" by the chinese rapper Jin. I was talking about this guy for weeks and I wasn't able to find his album for a long while. All excited about getting a new cd, Serena wants to head to the comic book store. We go and I see the new paperback of "Powers" came out. I had a 5 dollars off card and bought that. All excited about getting a new paperback to read, Serena wants to get Taco Bell. I get a mexican pizza and 2 supremes. We listen to Jin's album in the car. I really like it and he's got some really cool songs on the cd. I especially like his intro. We head back and pretty much I listen to the cd and work on some book stuff. I finish the album and happily decide this asian guy's the bomb and my favorite tracks are his last three and his song with Kanye. Also "Learn Chinese" is an awesome song. It's around 7'0 Clock and Jeff turns on the tv. I take that as my cue to update the diary and finish off the rest of the Taco Bell as he watches the season finale of CSI which was written and directed by Tarantino...that crazy fool.

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Mike Hodge said...

Hey man, ya that Jin CD is awesome, I got it two months ago and still listen to it once and awhile. The only song I don't like on the CD is his "club" song. Everything else I pretty much love. Hopefully he releases more stuff in the future.