Monday, May 30, 2005

An orange chicken feast, going the Longest Yard, and getting a cape.

Well, Eliza and Kj's graduation party was pretty fun. I mostly at and talked to John because I felt old hanging around all these kids. Kj and Eliza's friends seem pretty cool although my Pops was stressing that someone was gonna break a window, which almost happened for real. I was happy that they all were having a great time and it was funny when E'nore busted out the karaoke because it just opened up more stuff for us to do.

You were doing one of three things:
1. eating and hanging out
2. basketball
3. karaoke

All in all it was pretty fun and I ate a lot of orange chicken. They seemed to have ordered a lot of food and I was suprised they had so much but that just means I don't have to eat in Schaumburg anymore. hehe

After the night was over, Frank and Auntie Putch stayed and hung out. We were laughing because I pulled a neck muscle doing some kicks to a workout bag earlier in the night. Anyways we all passed out, I woke around 9 and then 10:30am because I was in so much back pain. I started to work on some work that I brought home with me and then everyone woke up. Frank and Putch left for mass and then Pop and Mom left for some Potluck dinner. So John, myself, and Gma were chillin. Jackie went somewhere with her mom. It was a pretty boring sunday pretty much. Pop and mom came home and stayed in the room most of the night. Jax wanted to go to Oakbrook and John thought it'd be cool to check out the Longest Yard by the Yorktown Theater. I thought that was a good idea because I was so bored that day.

Review: The Longest Yard

I was going in expecting great things...and thats what I got. There are a lot of cameos in this movie too. About 3 or 4 wrestlers. Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Stone Cold, Brian Bosworth, and Bob Sapp. This movie is hard hitting about your take downs. Sandler and Rock have good chemistry. I say compared to Sandler's other flicks, this is probably one of if not the best one he's done in a good while. You have to keep in mind that this flick is in a different vein then some of his other movies. I think with Sandler's other flicks, it rates like a 2nd or 3rd with (in my opinion) Anger Management and Happy Gilmore being his two best. As a movie up against other football movies, this has to be the most fun I've had. I don't like watching football/sports movies that much. The only ones I really like are The Replacements, Any Given Sunday, and Remember the Titans. Granted, all these movies are very different but they all have football as a key element that helps drive the movie as well as funny,dramatic, and interesting characters to go along with it. This movie is one of those movies and it does a really good job at doing so. Also, this is a remake and I've heard the original is really great. But I read a interview with Burt Reynolds (the original Paul Crew) the other day and he even said that this remake hits harder then the original and boy was he right. If you want to have a REALLY good time at the movies and are tired of saber wars I highly recommend this movie. It's one of those instant classics that you just stop and watch the whole way through when its on tv. Only few movies make me do this (Die Hard, Tommy Boy, Blues Brothers) and I really think this is going to be one of those kinds of movies. Its great from start to finish and Sandler and Rock hit it right out of the park. And KUDOS to Kevin Nash for being funny.

After I got out of the flick, E left me a voicemail telling me that we got our capes in Guild Wars....the nerd in me was smiling and got John asking about the game which may mean a purchase and one more player in our Guild. Fellowship of Shadows 4 life. HAHA

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Jas said...

so if i bought in now, how long would it take for me to level up to you guys, yathink?