Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mitsuwa, Chinatown, Bums, and Meijer

Friday May, 6th 2005

Got up for work around 5 in the am. Didn't feel too hot seeing how I didn't want to go to work in the first place. But today seemed to go by alright and soon enough I was outta there by 11 O Clock on the dot. Jeff felt like going to Mitsuwa and I was totally down for that. I got some sushi and some curry rice and a bottle of Ramune. And all for under 10 bucks. Not too shabby I might add. We head back home and Jeff plays some more episode III and takes a nap. I do the same and pass out on the couch for a bit...I still kinda feel like crap. Eric calls me up around 3:30 and says that Jacy and Rachel are gonna bail on Chinatown which leaves Hodge, myself, Willis, and the E himself. Spencer is a no show sadly. I call Willis up but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go because he'd like everyone to kinda be there. I tell him to do whatever he wants and call Eric to see what the deal is. It's almost 5 and the 3 amigos arrive. We try to decide on what to do now but I insist we still go to Chinatown. So we're off.

The drive there wasn't too bad just chilling and shooting the shit until we get to the area and we get lost for about 30 minutes. We wind up in certain ghettos where there are no asian people and it looks "de-militarized". (as E put it) We find some parking and begin the night of walking and checking out shops. First place we go is some gift shop full of buddhas and anime wall scrolls and outfits. Pretty much every shop is gonna be like this for the rest of the night. We make our way to the weapon shop and check out all the cool things we can kill people with HAHA. I really wanted to get a pair of 'chuks but I didn't have the money and I felt horrible already spending way too much in the past 3 days. So I hold back and make a mental note to save up some more cash when I get a chance. We go to this bakery which is REALLY tasty and each get a hot bun filled with some meat product. I opted for the Curry Beef Bun which was pretty damn tasty. We continue our walk and enjoy as light becomes dark. We finish on one side of the street and cross over and make our way back to otherside. We head over to New China Town where they have this cool lil Chinatown square with a stage and Pagodas. The Pagodas are actually ways to get to the upper level shops where we find the greatest prize ever. A Karaoke Bar. We go in and ask for prices. Its pretty expensive like 28 bucks per hour for just 4 people. But we decide to come back with the whole crew other night. We head back trying to pass the time so we can catch the late night prices at the Triple Crown restaurant. While trying to make the time go by, Willis sees a sign for the parking place saying that we have to pay by midnight or we'd be stuck down here for the night. As we wait for the Triple Crown late night specials, everytime we stop some bum was asking us for cash. It was pretty dumb because I heard the same story like 3 times and I just wanted them to not talk to us. So I gave them money (even though they were probably bullshitting) just so they could get away from me. If they kept it up I probably would've been broke by the night. After a LONG ass 20-30 minutes we finally eat. The restaurant is pretty cool and its lit kinda awkward. I go to take a leak which I've been dying to do for the past hour and a half. E's friends Sam and Isable meet us up there and we all order. We had a wide variety of things but mostly it was some sort of beef or chicken with some veggies. The squid and 100 flavored chicken was the bomb by the way and the bbq pork was damn good too. It was very tasty and Willis and Eric kinda got loopy on the Tea they served. So its about 11:38pm and the whole night Eric's worried about the car. We split the bill and head back to the parking lot. Sure enough we cut it close and we did have to pay by midnight. Isabel and Sam part ways with us and we head back on the road. We were thinking of getting a Craver's Case from White Castle for the spoils of a great night. But we ended up taking a drive to Meijer because Eric wanted some Chocolate Milk. We head down there and spend about an hour and half walking around. Hodge and myself ended up talking about movies and shit pretty much while we were there which is always cool. We get in the car and realize its like 1:30am. We get back to the apartment and show Hodge Dead to Rights II. Eric and Willlis drink some milk and donuts and about 2am everyone decides to call it a night. I check my mail because I have nothing better to do at 2 in the morning and I get a suprising email from Sparkie. She updates me on what she's been doing and I reply. I also get an email from Willis which he was telling me about earilier. It was for some side project we tried to get off the board but haven't really done anything productive with in a long while. After everyone leaves I try to go to bed but that Chinese food seems to not sit well in my stomach so I toss and turn till about 4am when I pass out. I wake up and its bright and its 8:45am. I hear jeff come in and ask him if I liked this game he bought called Pariah. I told him its ok and he said he's gonna sell it. I say sweet and roll over. I officially get up around 12:10 and hear Jeff playing Episode III. I sit and watch him and decide to update the diary. I check my balance and realize I shouldn't spend any more money because I went a lil under my personal limit of cash flow. I also think about how I have work when I could be eating at my cousin's communion party instead. But no one wants to cover for me...BASTARDS!!!! Time to eat something.

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