Sunday, May 01, 2005

Makin' copies, working, and new calender picture!!

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

- Ok, I wake up to find out Jeff's not going to work till noon and thats puts a cramp in my style. So I saddle up with him and have him drop me off at the library where E and Sarah, and Andi, are "working". I chit chat and go make some copies of the pencils I did for the comic book and read the new Wizard. It's a good issue because it focuses on the new "Batman" movie which I am ready and can't wait to see. I offer to buy lunch for Eric since he's going to give me a ride to work. Work sucks because I still haven't found anyone to fill in my shift so I'm techinically screwed and won't be able to make it to Skye's communion party. So Sarah and I pick up Wendy's and she makes a stop at Starbucks. I find out that she works at this place called Asiagos. Which to me sounds like ASIA - GO. We get back and she heads off to class and we dig in our Wendy's. I ask if Andi got her change and she freaks out and tells me of other stories when she hadn't got her change back and its good times. When 3:30 hits, we saddle up and find Sarah to get Andi's change back. We then hit Borders and chill out there till I have to go to TCS. At Borders, we look at the graphic novels and Eric and I browse through the Art of Sith book. We look at everything pretty much spoiling the entire movie for us but we don't care. I already know what happens so I wasn't suprised too much. After Borders I head to work.

- Work goes by pretty fast. I still can't find a freaking replacement so I get pissed and collect a bunch of numbers for me to call today. I get picked up and Jeff and Serena say they saw Hitchhiker's and said it was pretty good. "Not as good as the book" which everyone fucking says but whatever. I've never read it and I'm more of a visual person. I only read books I know I will finish....eventually. We get home and I eat some leftover Sphaghetti and sit in front of the tube. SNL is a rerun and it sucks anyways except for when I see Horatio Sanz. I flip to TNT and see that "Ali" is on tv. I've never seen the thing all the way through so I decide to watch it. The movie's not to bad and I find myself enjoying it. I'm not a big fan of bio pics but this one's pretty good and Will Smith does a damn good job as well as Jon Voight as Howard Kozel. (I think thats how its spelled.) Movie with commericals runs about 2 and a half hours and when its done, its 1am. Jeff stayed up and watched it with me which was pretty cool because Emeril was making Tamales on the Food network and we were flipping back. I hit the bed.

Sunday May 01, 2005

- I wake up at 8:30 to a knock on my door. Its Jeff telling me to write the rent check. I say ok and go back to bed. I wake up and call more co workers and they happily decline. I get a call from pop and he says he's stopping by to bring me back to the ' View. I get a shower and update the blog and write the checks. Also I turn the calender over to reveal my new Brooke Burke May shot. Man she's hot.

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