Saturday, May 28, 2005

Going to Frys....Are we there yet?

Thursday, May 26 2005

- I got up around noon because I stayed up till 2am playing Guild Wars. This is a bad sign because I'm getting back into that habit of staying up late and waking up late. Not good. Well I wanted to go to Best Buy today but Jeff said that he was going to Frys. I said uh ok. We went to Jason's and his friend Herschel bought us some KFC. I felt bad because he didn't have to buy me food and I told him I'd pay him for my 3 piece he bought me. He told me to give him the cash later and now I'm reminded that I forgot to pay him. CRAP!

Anyways after reconnecting with Jason, we saddle up to go to Frys. Pretty much we spent the whole day there. It was odd because it didn't feel like it at some spots of the day but when we were ready to check out, it was freaking almost 6pm. I called Frank a bunch because he told me they might have those iTunes giftcards there. Sadly they didn't. But what they did have was this hot filipino chick looking to buy an iPod. Sure enough I had one for her in my pants....woah getting off track here, sorry guys.

We walked around the whole store pretty much, I kind of broke away from the group mostly to look at the dvds and audio cds. They had a copy of the Gorillaz album with the dvd. At first I thought they had one but they had a new release section that no one told me about near the front of the aisle so Jason and I were able to both get a copy. Jeff bought Chapelle season 2 and Herschel bought some speakers and a mat and some other junk. It was funny to see all these crusty old guys looking at the porn dvds. They weren't just looking either, they were BROWSING. As in picking it up, seeing what the storie's about and then checking to see if theres some sweet T n A action on the back cover sheets.

As the day at Fry's came to an end, we headed back to Jason's and played some streetfighter and shot the shit for a bit. I was about ready to pass out which I did about 4 hours after I got home.

PS- I still haven't seen episdoe III so no review from me.

Friday, May 27 2005

Review: Are We There Yet??

Ok ok you all people know that I'm a huge Ice Cube fan and that his my n**** 4 life, I also love watching his movies because the sole fact that his in them and he always makes that "MAD" face. After work I picked up this movie and The Aviator.

Now, the box says that is the funniest kids movie since Home Alone. And I remember watching Home Alone when I was a kid and that was some funny shit to me and still kinda holds up to this day. So As we're watching the movie, I'm thinking pretty much thinking the whole time that:

Justin's thoughts, " Man, this is Ice Cube, if that kicked scratched the paint on his new SUV and messed up all the spinners on his car, he would've pulled out his gat and shot him in the face. Where's the N.W.A. Ice Cube I know and love. This movie would've lasted 5 minutes because he would've killed the kids and started tapping Nia Long's hot chocolatey ass."

But seeing how he's a father figure and he's trying to appeal to a younger audience, I guess its ok. So this whole movie is about the kid's trying to ruin Ice Cube's chances of hooking up with their Mom. It's pretty funny and the antics are pretty Home Alone-esque. The thing that bothers me the most other then Ice Cube not killing the kids, is that he talks to his Bobble head of a famous baseball player named Satch for advice. AND THE WORSE THING IS THEY SPENT MONEY ON CG TO MAKE THE BOBBLE HEAD TALK BACK TO HIM THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!! I kid you not folks, Ice Cube is talking to a bobble head. It's voiced by Tracy Morgan, who I think is a funny as hell. (his stint as the crackhead dealer in Jay and Bob is one of the funniest cameos in that movie.)

So as an Ice Cube movie, I'd rate it a 2 out of 5. Its ok for most but it doesn't fare if you've grown up listening to the Gansta before he started making all these kiddy flicks. As a kiddly flick, I rate it a 3.5 it would've gotten a 4 but not even Nia Long can save the flick from the stupid talking Bobble Head. If you're looking for good Cube Movies, rent Boyz in the Hood or the Friday trilogy....shit you can even watch XXX 2...cuz at least he's a military thug in that one.

Alright I'm out this.

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