Thursday, May 12, 2005

Assault On Maya and some old friends.

Tuesday May 10th, 2005

- I got a call around 8:30ish and it was from Frank's bro Emil. He said he was gonna drive me to the Rem's house and Frank and I would live from there to go to work. On the way there, I asked Emil how things were going and he said they were pretty good and he's done with school for the semester.

- We get to the Rem's house and Frank is already waiting. He thought Emil and I had snuck off to get some McGriddles. I felt like the President because I was being transferred to another car. Anyways we get on the road and talk about the same ole shit. I get to work at least 10 minutes early and one of the guys at Live 2 Tell was there. He told me they were gonna get me going on some new shit possibly secondary character animation and maybe some prop modeling. I was excited none the less because I had fun doing the lip syncs and venturing into another part of the project is just as awesome. So he tells me Charlie is gonna give me the basics on how to model in Maya and navigate through the interface.

- Charlie comes in and he gets me started on some basics. Throughout his lil tutuorial section I find out that Maya is full of menus upon submenus.....I already dislike the program. Its not as easy to navigate through as much as Max and the ALT key is like the super key of maya. Which is like the complete opposite of Max. Anyways he shows me how to get down in dirty in Maya and tells me to model some props for a lab setting. I say sure and get to work.

- About 5 minutes into using the program I realize that I like MAX ALOT and its no wonder the school preferred it. I get so freaking frustrated and confused that it takes me like half an hour to make a bottle. The extrude poly features in Maya are kinda dinky too and I keep trying to use the Max hot keys and I keep changing all these weird settings. I converse with the other intern and he says that it takes awhile to get used to and he prefers a program called XSI instead and thinks Maya is one of the more challenging programs. Charlie comes in to check on me and he says it'll take some getting used to. Being trained in Max though, I do know the basics of modeling and I just have to get used to the controls of Maya and its interface.

- I text Frank and he tells me he's dragging ass too. We decide to break for lunch at 2pm. We go to Wendy's and I owe him cause he paid last time. We get some nuggets and 2 JUNIOR bacon Chee. We talk about how work sucks today and we head back. He drops me off around 2. And I get back to building my the end of the hour I get used to it's wacky controls and end up making like 4 more props before I call it a day.

- After work I get to steppin' to Frank's work and realize that with the nice weather and all, all the MILFS are out walking around wearing barely anything. It was a sweet half hour to Moosejaw, the name of the company Frank's interning for. I text him and tell him I'm in the area and I'll be at Barnes and Noble. I check out gamestop find nothing and go to B&N. I find a chair and grab J.Scott Campbell's "Danger Girl" complete collection. I sit through it and read it a bit and then get bored and just flip to the art. It's a pretty sweet book and I'm thinking of picking it up. It has this hilarious intro by Bruce Campbell and a cool drawing of him done by J. Scott. It's funny because it incorporates Bruce's lifework in the image. Like a saddle that says Brisco County Jr. and a big wood sign that says "WORKSHED". Pretty funny stuff. As I sit there I get a call from Jp and he tells me that they can take me back to Schaumburg tonight. I say coolio and hang up. Seconds later, Frank calls me and finds me inside Barnes. We get ready to call it a day. On the way back, he tells me the events of Skye's communion party and we talk about girls. We go to my Aunt Carol's house 'cause he needs to pick up his sunglACEs. We sit and talk with the kid's and Auntie Carol and then my pops calls me asking where I am. On that note, we leave and head back home. He drops me off and takes off for school.

- I get in the house and check my mail. I get an email from a friend and she tells me that an old classmate of mine's grandmother passed away last sunday and the wake is tomorrow. I inform my Pop and call off work. I tell John I'm not going back tonight and that I'm attending the wake.

Wednesday May 11, 2005

- I stayed up late and thus I woke up late. I thought about working on some of the books today but I didn't feel up to it. I realize I haven't touched any of them since I was in Schaumburg on Monday. It worries me a bit but I'm too lazy and feeling blue to actual do something today. It's pretty boring and then 5 O Clock hits. I get ready for the wake and steal some of my brother's clothes. I stop by Walgreens and get a card. I get there and I see my friend and give her a hug. I notice Frank in the background and I go and say my prayers. Its always an awkward uneasy feeling for me to be at these things. So I pretty much just stay in one place the rest of the night and get caught up with some old friends who I haven't seen in forever. Frank leaves for class. I really don't know that many people here but later into the evening more familar faces arrive and I start feeling comfortable. We have one last prayer service at the end of the night. I say my hellos to new people coming in and say my goodbyes and then I see my Aunt Chris come up with my baby niceces and nephews. They haven't seen me in awhile and I'm pretty sure they still don't know who I am but they seem like they due and its pretty cool because they aren't shy with me anymore. After staying an extra 10minutes to entertain the kids, we finally leave. (You know how those filipino goodbyes are) We get home and John's watching Smallville. Its a pretty cool episode but it reminded me too much of House of Wax because the guy is like collecting all the hot chicks and putting them in this school he recreated in some old abandoned warehouse place and he has this power to put some waxy goop all over them. It was kinda lame but it's Smallville and I've loved every episode thus far. John and I stay up and we find out that Assault on Precinct 13 and Life Aquatic came out. We go to Hollywood at like 10:40. We are 1 for 2 because Life Aquatic is out but we make with the Assault On Precinct 13. We get home and pop it in. It's pretty bad ass I thought...and John Leguizamo plays thsi junkie and its pretty freaking awesome. If you like action movies I'd recommend this one. Not only does it have sweet gun battles but it has this cool introduction to Ethan Hawke's character and the writer took some time giving these characters thought. Turns out, its a remake off a John Carpenter original and thats part of the reason why I liked it. Laurence Fishburne is pretty good. The only thing I hate is Ja Rule.....why??? Because its Ja Rule. But he has a smal role and luckily he gets killed. Thats not a spoiler or anything its just that the moment you see him, you automatically think.."Man this guy sucks, they're gonna kill him." But anyways check out the flick it's worth the rent. I originally wanted to see it in theaters but never got around to it. After that, its like 1am and John heads off to bed. I go to sleep and wake up around noon. We saddle up and head back to Schaumburg around 1.

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