Sunday, May 08, 2005

Answering the Call of Boredom

- Saturday May 7, 2005

I can't remember anything from this day other then it was boring and it sucked. I think I woke up late and was mad because I had to go to crappy work instead of going to Skye's communion party. I get a disturbing phone call from Willy telling me that the night he drove back from my house after Chinatown he got in this accident and the lethal weapon is no more. I was pretty shocked and sad but glad to hear that he is ok. He sounded really bummed. Then I just dicked around the rest of the day feeling non-productive and went to work at 5. It sucked. I came home watched "Shanghai Knights" and fell asleep. I did get some postive feedback from the comic pages I did though. So that made me happy but other then that it was a boring day.

- Sunday May 8th, 2005

Feeling the effects from the previous day's uneventful happenings. I wake up around 8am. But still feeling pretty crappy I just roll over and wake up around noon. I get my ass up and try to be productive. I'm not feeling it today but I do manage to do some kind of work even though I wasn't very motivated. I mope around and then decide to treat myself to some Panda. I order some Crispy Garlic Chicken and put on the movie "Saw". Eric calls and I tell him what happened to Willis. About 5 minutes into the movie I don't get into it and turn it off. I put on "Anchorman" and my Panda arrives. I sit and eat as I laugh really loud at Steve Correl. "LOUD NOISES!!!" I soon get bored and realize its almost 4pm. I decide to go lay down on my bed and take a nap. I set the alarm from an hour and then my phone rings. It's Frank asking me whats going on and I tell him I have work tomorrow morning. They decide to have a bbq for Mom's day I guess. Sadly I can't attend and it really bums me out because I think family could cheer me up right about now...hell conversation with anyone would but I sadly won't have that for the rest of the night. I talk to Kj and she tells me about the communion party, prom, and other things. It's pretty cool because I never really ever talk to Kj on the phone so it was pretty funny. After I say my hellos and goodbyes, I get a sudden urge to do something. So I skip my planned nap and go right into working on the comic book. I get an entire page into the computer and decide to call it a day being it Sunday and all. I listen to some mp3s and then play Call of Duty for like 2 hours. I really suck but I get slap happy when I kill people because somehow it shows I have some skill or their are other players out there who suck more then me. Jeff comes home and we watch the Simpsons and Family Guy and they were really funny. We tape Desperate Housewives and I go back to playing Call of Duty. After Housewives I update the blog and realize I have truck tomorrow. Man this week is already off to a so so start. BUT my Jet Li Marathon is well on its way to becoming a reality and I get excited. Which reminds me I need to email everyone about it again. Thanks blog you're the BEST. I finish updating the diary and I check out Hodge's blog to see if he made any updates...and I'm jealous because his title for his Chinatown entry is alot cooler then mine. After all that I play Call of Duty till my eyes hurt and I go to bed.

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