Sunday, May 22, 2005

$10 dollar ribs, hooters, and burning assholes.

Friday May 20, 2005

Ok ok it's been a while since I've been on here but I'm trying to maintan a social life too. Anyways I had work at 5am. When we got there, things seemed to be moving pretty fast. We tried a new way of processing the truck which to me, seemed kinda redundant. But whatever, as long as it gets done. Which it did but not till 11:30 but I went home at 11. I was tired and felt like crap. I stop by Gamestop because I had some shite to sell and wound up getting 30 bucks in credit which I happily put towards Metal Slug 4 and 5 for the ps2. I was thinking about Gulid Wars but I decided to use next paycheck for that seeing how I really want it too. Afterwards, Jeff said it was pizza friday at Dominicks and we decided to go grab some pizza. But I was looking around and saw that they had ribs on sale for 5 dollars and 22 cents. So we opt to get the ribs and make some rice when we get back. So when I go to check out, it rings up as $10.11. I'm like woah lady the sticker says $5.22. She told me that was the date to sell by. HAHA Jeff started cracking up and I got all pissed. But I decided to buy the ribs anyways. The whole time on the ride home, Jeff and I were cracking jokes about our 10 dollar ribs and laughing our asses off.

Eric says he was gonna stop by and play some Guild Wars with Jeff and hang out. Jeff had work at Gamestop at 4 so he didn't have that much time. They played for a bit and Jeff's computer kept jacking up. So Jeff left for work and I stayed and hung out with E while he played on Guild Wars and checked out We checked out all of his "friends" on his space and it was enough for me to join. If you look to the side, I have it linked on my blog. After signing up, I begin searching for friends on here and let E listen to the Jin cd. Eric gets hungry and we can't figure out what to eat. SOOOoo we decide to go to Gamestop and visit Jeff and ask if he wants to go get some wings at hooters. Hodge calls and wants to check out Guild Wars, so I told him I'd call after we got out wings on. We get to Hooters after Jeff gets out and order a plate of 5o wings. Jeff orders a Amstel Light and Eric orders a Corona. The wait was 45 minutes but outside there was no wait. So we toughed it out and ate outside even though it was a lil "nippy" outside. Our waitress is hot.

When we got our wings, we went to town. About halfway through, the hot sauce started kicking in. E ordered the 911. It was a fun night. We sat around and talked and bs'd the whole night. It's been a while since we've done something like that. I think Jeff was happy more then anyone because he rarely hangs out with us on our lil adventures. We get done about 11:30 and I call Hodge. He's still coming over and when we get to the apartment, E sets up his Guild Wars game for Hodge. The whole time I was thinking of getting it but then out of no where, Jeff pulls out a copy of the game in a bag that says "Happy Early Bday Present Bro". I was like "what the hell". He told me he had some left over credit and put it all on a copy of Guild Wars for me. I was pretty shocked and amazed because sometimes Jeff does shit like that and you just get taken back. Anyways I thanked the shit out of him and went to install the game. I pretty much played that the rest of the night til about 2 in the morning, just learning and going through the game. Eric and Hodge had left by then and Jeff was still tinkering with his PC. I got to play with him a good half hour before his PC jacked up again. It was upsetting. I went to bed and called it a night.

Saturday, May 21 2005

Woke up late, and then just went to work. Throughout the day, the ribs and wings I had eaten the day before had its effect on my stomach. Man I had some serious shit storms that day, especially with that special 911 hot sauce, whoooooo it was like firing off rockets, OUCH.

I came home around 10 and played Guild Wars with Jeff till about 2 in the morning again. Uh oh...I'm turning into one of them. It was awesome though because Jeff reformateed his shit and we played the whole 4 hours. E was gonna play but he felt lazy and tired. Whuss. haha just kidding man. I'm out at around 3am.

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