Monday, May 30, 2005

An orange chicken feast, going the Longest Yard, and getting a cape.

Well, Eliza and Kj's graduation party was pretty fun. I mostly at and talked to John because I felt old hanging around all these kids. Kj and Eliza's friends seem pretty cool although my Pops was stressing that someone was gonna break a window, which almost happened for real. I was happy that they all were having a great time and it was funny when E'nore busted out the karaoke because it just opened up more stuff for us to do.

You were doing one of three things:
1. eating and hanging out
2. basketball
3. karaoke

All in all it was pretty fun and I ate a lot of orange chicken. They seemed to have ordered a lot of food and I was suprised they had so much but that just means I don't have to eat in Schaumburg anymore. hehe

After the night was over, Frank and Auntie Putch stayed and hung out. We were laughing because I pulled a neck muscle doing some kicks to a workout bag earlier in the night. Anyways we all passed out, I woke around 9 and then 10:30am because I was in so much back pain. I started to work on some work that I brought home with me and then everyone woke up. Frank and Putch left for mass and then Pop and Mom left for some Potluck dinner. So John, myself, and Gma were chillin. Jackie went somewhere with her mom. It was a pretty boring sunday pretty much. Pop and mom came home and stayed in the room most of the night. Jax wanted to go to Oakbrook and John thought it'd be cool to check out the Longest Yard by the Yorktown Theater. I thought that was a good idea because I was so bored that day.

Review: The Longest Yard

I was going in expecting great things...and thats what I got. There are a lot of cameos in this movie too. About 3 or 4 wrestlers. Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Stone Cold, Brian Bosworth, and Bob Sapp. This movie is hard hitting about your take downs. Sandler and Rock have good chemistry. I say compared to Sandler's other flicks, this is probably one of if not the best one he's done in a good while. You have to keep in mind that this flick is in a different vein then some of his other movies. I think with Sandler's other flicks, it rates like a 2nd or 3rd with (in my opinion) Anger Management and Happy Gilmore being his two best. As a movie up against other football movies, this has to be the most fun I've had. I don't like watching football/sports movies that much. The only ones I really like are The Replacements, Any Given Sunday, and Remember the Titans. Granted, all these movies are very different but they all have football as a key element that helps drive the movie as well as funny,dramatic, and interesting characters to go along with it. This movie is one of those movies and it does a really good job at doing so. Also, this is a remake and I've heard the original is really great. But I read a interview with Burt Reynolds (the original Paul Crew) the other day and he even said that this remake hits harder then the original and boy was he right. If you want to have a REALLY good time at the movies and are tired of saber wars I highly recommend this movie. It's one of those instant classics that you just stop and watch the whole way through when its on tv. Only few movies make me do this (Die Hard, Tommy Boy, Blues Brothers) and I really think this is going to be one of those kinds of movies. Its great from start to finish and Sandler and Rock hit it right out of the park. And KUDOS to Kevin Nash for being funny.

After I got out of the flick, E left me a voicemail telling me that we got our capes in Guild Wars....the nerd in me was smiling and got John asking about the game which may mean a purchase and one more player in our Guild. Fellowship of Shadows 4 life. HAHA

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Don't just sit there, gat those damn kids.  Posted by Hello

Going to Frys....Are we there yet?

Thursday, May 26 2005

- I got up around noon because I stayed up till 2am playing Guild Wars. This is a bad sign because I'm getting back into that habit of staying up late and waking up late. Not good. Well I wanted to go to Best Buy today but Jeff said that he was going to Frys. I said uh ok. We went to Jason's and his friend Herschel bought us some KFC. I felt bad because he didn't have to buy me food and I told him I'd pay him for my 3 piece he bought me. He told me to give him the cash later and now I'm reminded that I forgot to pay him. CRAP!

Anyways after reconnecting with Jason, we saddle up to go to Frys. Pretty much we spent the whole day there. It was odd because it didn't feel like it at some spots of the day but when we were ready to check out, it was freaking almost 6pm. I called Frank a bunch because he told me they might have those iTunes giftcards there. Sadly they didn't. But what they did have was this hot filipino chick looking to buy an iPod. Sure enough I had one for her in my pants....woah getting off track here, sorry guys.

We walked around the whole store pretty much, I kind of broke away from the group mostly to look at the dvds and audio cds. They had a copy of the Gorillaz album with the dvd. At first I thought they had one but they had a new release section that no one told me about near the front of the aisle so Jason and I were able to both get a copy. Jeff bought Chapelle season 2 and Herschel bought some speakers and a mat and some other junk. It was funny to see all these crusty old guys looking at the porn dvds. They weren't just looking either, they were BROWSING. As in picking it up, seeing what the storie's about and then checking to see if theres some sweet T n A action on the back cover sheets.

As the day at Fry's came to an end, we headed back to Jason's and played some streetfighter and shot the shit for a bit. I was about ready to pass out which I did about 4 hours after I got home.

PS- I still haven't seen episdoe III so no review from me.

Friday, May 27 2005

Review: Are We There Yet??

Ok ok you all people know that I'm a huge Ice Cube fan and that his my n**** 4 life, I also love watching his movies because the sole fact that his in them and he always makes that "MAD" face. After work I picked up this movie and The Aviator.

Now, the box says that is the funniest kids movie since Home Alone. And I remember watching Home Alone when I was a kid and that was some funny shit to me and still kinda holds up to this day. So As we're watching the movie, I'm thinking pretty much thinking the whole time that:

Justin's thoughts, " Man, this is Ice Cube, if that kicked scratched the paint on his new SUV and messed up all the spinners on his car, he would've pulled out his gat and shot him in the face. Where's the N.W.A. Ice Cube I know and love. This movie would've lasted 5 minutes because he would've killed the kids and started tapping Nia Long's hot chocolatey ass."

But seeing how he's a father figure and he's trying to appeal to a younger audience, I guess its ok. So this whole movie is about the kid's trying to ruin Ice Cube's chances of hooking up with their Mom. It's pretty funny and the antics are pretty Home Alone-esque. The thing that bothers me the most other then Ice Cube not killing the kids, is that he talks to his Bobble head of a famous baseball player named Satch for advice. AND THE WORSE THING IS THEY SPENT MONEY ON CG TO MAKE THE BOBBLE HEAD TALK BACK TO HIM THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!! I kid you not folks, Ice Cube is talking to a bobble head. It's voiced by Tracy Morgan, who I think is a funny as hell. (his stint as the crackhead dealer in Jay and Bob is one of the funniest cameos in that movie.)

So as an Ice Cube movie, I'd rate it a 2 out of 5. Its ok for most but it doesn't fare if you've grown up listening to the Gansta before he started making all these kiddy flicks. As a kiddly flick, I rate it a 3.5 it would've gotten a 4 but not even Nia Long can save the flick from the stupid talking Bobble Head. If you're looking for good Cube Movies, rent Boyz in the Hood or the Friday trilogy....shit you can even watch XXX 2...cuz at least he's a military thug in that one.

Alright I'm out this.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

$10 dollar ribs, hooters, and burning assholes.

Friday May 20, 2005

Ok ok it's been a while since I've been on here but I'm trying to maintan a social life too. Anyways I had work at 5am. When we got there, things seemed to be moving pretty fast. We tried a new way of processing the truck which to me, seemed kinda redundant. But whatever, as long as it gets done. Which it did but not till 11:30 but I went home at 11. I was tired and felt like crap. I stop by Gamestop because I had some shite to sell and wound up getting 30 bucks in credit which I happily put towards Metal Slug 4 and 5 for the ps2. I was thinking about Gulid Wars but I decided to use next paycheck for that seeing how I really want it too. Afterwards, Jeff said it was pizza friday at Dominicks and we decided to go grab some pizza. But I was looking around and saw that they had ribs on sale for 5 dollars and 22 cents. So we opt to get the ribs and make some rice when we get back. So when I go to check out, it rings up as $10.11. I'm like woah lady the sticker says $5.22. She told me that was the date to sell by. HAHA Jeff started cracking up and I got all pissed. But I decided to buy the ribs anyways. The whole time on the ride home, Jeff and I were cracking jokes about our 10 dollar ribs and laughing our asses off.

Eric says he was gonna stop by and play some Guild Wars with Jeff and hang out. Jeff had work at Gamestop at 4 so he didn't have that much time. They played for a bit and Jeff's computer kept jacking up. So Jeff left for work and I stayed and hung out with E while he played on Guild Wars and checked out We checked out all of his "friends" on his space and it was enough for me to join. If you look to the side, I have it linked on my blog. After signing up, I begin searching for friends on here and let E listen to the Jin cd. Eric gets hungry and we can't figure out what to eat. SOOOoo we decide to go to Gamestop and visit Jeff and ask if he wants to go get some wings at hooters. Hodge calls and wants to check out Guild Wars, so I told him I'd call after we got out wings on. We get to Hooters after Jeff gets out and order a plate of 5o wings. Jeff orders a Amstel Light and Eric orders a Corona. The wait was 45 minutes but outside there was no wait. So we toughed it out and ate outside even though it was a lil "nippy" outside. Our waitress is hot.

When we got our wings, we went to town. About halfway through, the hot sauce started kicking in. E ordered the 911. It was a fun night. We sat around and talked and bs'd the whole night. It's been a while since we've done something like that. I think Jeff was happy more then anyone because he rarely hangs out with us on our lil adventures. We get done about 11:30 and I call Hodge. He's still coming over and when we get to the apartment, E sets up his Guild Wars game for Hodge. The whole time I was thinking of getting it but then out of no where, Jeff pulls out a copy of the game in a bag that says "Happy Early Bday Present Bro". I was like "what the hell". He told me he had some left over credit and put it all on a copy of Guild Wars for me. I was pretty shocked and amazed because sometimes Jeff does shit like that and you just get taken back. Anyways I thanked the shit out of him and went to install the game. I pretty much played that the rest of the night til about 2 in the morning, just learning and going through the game. Eric and Hodge had left by then and Jeff was still tinkering with his PC. I got to play with him a good half hour before his PC jacked up again. It was upsetting. I went to bed and called it a night.

Saturday, May 21 2005

Woke up late, and then just went to work. Throughout the day, the ribs and wings I had eaten the day before had its effect on my stomach. Man I had some serious shit storms that day, especially with that special 911 hot sauce, whoooooo it was like firing off rockets, OUCH.

I came home around 10 and played Guild Wars with Jeff till about 2 in the morning again. Uh oh...I'm turning into one of them. It was awesome though because Jeff reformateed his shit and we played the whole 4 hours. E was gonna play but he felt lazy and tired. Whuss. haha just kidding man. I'm out at around 3am.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Smallville Ends, Batman Begins, and The Rest is History

Tuesday May 17th, 2005

- Got up for work 2 hours before my alarm on my phone went off. What the crap is that. So I rolled over and waited for Frank or Emil's phone call. So I fall back asleep. Doorbell rings and I have to wake my ass up. Already I'm not feeling to hot today and want to go home. Frank's been pointing out he has finals the next couple of weeks and he's been dragging ass at work cuz of it. I have no finals but feel like my ass is being dragged just from hearing about it. We get to work and it sucks. I'm having a problem forming the word "recipe" on my lip sync animation and I get frustrated. I take a breather around 1 and go to starbucks for a ice cold vanilla latte and an egg salad sandwich. The sandwich was really good and the latte boosted me up a bit. I head back to the office and get 2 missed calls from Jp my brother jp. (inside joke) I call him back and he tells me that he's got an extra ticket to Episode III I sadly decline because I have to work some crap ass shit Wednesday night. I get a voice mail from Frank telling me he wants to leave. It's 3:30 and I happily accept to call it a day. I tell the guys at work that I have to cut my day out early. They said it was cool and Frank and myself head back home. We get back pretty early and Pops has some food for us. Frank busts out the book and begins to study. I eat like a fat ass. Jax is upstairs sleeping and Jp comes home. Then I let Frank study for a bit and watch some tv/do nothing. I decide to take a shower because I smell like swass. I feel better and when I get out I hear the Cas girls downstairs. I come down to see Aunt Carol and the three kids. I think she was asking Frank to listen to their recitals for a competion. They each play and I'm amazed at the skill level because I'm pretty sure they are better then me now.

Frank leaves for his test and Jax is awake. We sit around and then I tell John about the funny finale of Joey. We go upstairs to watch it and his Tivo only records the first half. I get pissed because he missed the most awesomest part. Jax says we should go to Target and I agree. At Target I look at all the cool stuff I could get (games, dvds, cds) and hold back because I fear of going over my personal spending limit. John and I try on hats and I realize I look good in those Cedric the Entertainer type hats. (must be a fat guy thing) After Target we go to Caribou Coffe and I have some more cold vanilla coffe drink. I'm pretty wired and John, Jax, and myself shoot the shit for a good while. We go back and I tell John that Life Aquatic is pretty funny and he'd probably like it. I however think only the second half is funny because of the Filipino pirates. (I failed to mention I rented it the night before) Around midnight I get a text from Frank and he asked where I am and is suprised that no one is online. I call him up and ask him how his test went. He said he bombed with flying colors. He also tells me that his girl had a copy of the test and he didn't want to cheat. Tsk Tsk Tsk. After talking with him for a while, I stay up a bit and then fall asleep listening to 97.1.

Wednesday May 18 2005

- I wake up and its like almost 10. I get ready and begin packing all my shit to head back to Schaumburg. I'm not looking forward to working this crap shift that night but whatever. More green in my pocket. We drive back and its a pretty long drive because my dad likes to take the local streets. I get back and he drops me off. No one's home and I check my room. Good ole room still crappy the way I left it. I notice one of my tax return checks was on my desk. I open it and call up my Pops. Luckily he hasn't fully left yet and I told him to come back so he can deposit my phat cash. Feeling bored, I put on TMNT the movie. I dont know why but it still holds up. I take a break from it to check my mail and talk to Willis for a bit. Jeff comes home and tells me he's working the game store today. Jack and shit happens till I saddle up for work. I get to work and its dead silent. I keep myself busy till then and it goes by pretty fast. I tell my boss I need to take an hour to drive my brother home so I can get the car back and have a ride when I get out at 1. I said I would stay till about 1am and do some small projects around the store while the carpet cleaner guys come in and do their thing with the floors. Its alot of moving crap around esepcially in the back offices. It runs a lil later then 1am and my boss says to leave the stuff in the morning seeing how the wax still has to dry and things like that. I get back around 2am and chow down on a whopper I had bought after I dropped Jeff off. Jeff rewind the tape back on Smallville so I watched the season finale. Holy crap this show is amazing and it ended on a sweet cliffhanger that made me wet myself. The best part though was a 10 minute look at Batman Begins. It was the most amazing hour and a half of television I have watched in a good long while. I get a text around that time and its John.

The text read "it was ok". I can't think at this hour and realize he was talking about Episode III....and I am reminded that everyone and their mom went and saw it tonight. I call him up and he tells me his likes and dislikes and that pretty much it was alot of hype but in the end..."it was ok". So I go to bed and call it a long ass day.

Thursday May 19 2005

- I wake up around noon and feel pretty good. Still a lil tired but thats because I slept too late and went to bed REALLY late. I get up and see Jeff playing around his pc, he got a haircut. I notice that the new Predator game for the 'box is by my tv. Jeff had rented it from the game store the night before because he knew I wanted to try it out. I decide to work on stuff today and get some book stuff done. I sit down and get up and sit down and get up. I can't seem to concentrate for some reason. Serena calls and she needs to be picked up. So I told Jeff I would get her because I wanted to stop by Circuit City and pick up this rapper's album. So we go get here and I told him we should just go to Best Buy. I browse around and they have only one copy left. The album is "The Rest is History" by the chinese rapper Jin. I was talking about this guy for weeks and I wasn't able to find his album for a long while. All excited about getting a new cd, Serena wants to head to the comic book store. We go and I see the new paperback of "Powers" came out. I had a 5 dollars off card and bought that. All excited about getting a new paperback to read, Serena wants to get Taco Bell. I get a mexican pizza and 2 supremes. We listen to Jin's album in the car. I really like it and he's got some really cool songs on the cd. I especially like his intro. We head back and pretty much I listen to the cd and work on some book stuff. I finish the album and happily decide this asian guy's the bomb and my favorite tracks are his last three and his song with Kanye. Also "Learn Chinese" is an awesome song. It's around 7'0 Clock and Jeff turns on the tv. I take that as my cue to update the diary and finish off the rest of the Taco Bell as he watches the season finale of CSI which was written and directed by Tarantino...that crazy fool.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

- You take the collar off, he beats us all to death Posted by Hello


Friday the 13th, 2005
Ohhhh Scary. WHATEVER. Had work at 5 got out pretty early around 10:45 which was nice. Worked went by nicely because we ran things a lil differently on the truck and it seemed to work out pretty nice. Got home and was getting pumped because "Unleashed" the new Jet Li flick came out today. I was waiting for this movie more then anything...even Episode III shit even more then Mostner in Law. (yeah right that movie looks like a pooped it out an hour ago.)

So I decided to chill til the Jet Li a thon began around 5:30pm. I played some Call of Duty and worked on some work stuff on and off. Around 2 or so, I went to the comic book store and picked up the new issue of "The Intimates" and a one issue of "Batman/Superman" written by Loeb. Both issues were sweet and I was tempted to pick up the new Boondocks collection that came out, "Public Enemy No. 2". What a sweet title.

Drove to Dominick's to get some food for myself and the Jet Li party. I decided to buy some sandwich supplies, some chips and dip, and a case of Dew. I also bought some food for myself seeing how it was pay day as well. Everytime I get paid I think of that Twista song and I repeat the chorus in my head over and over.

It's a lovely day
just got paid
stack it up
be on my way

It's a lovely day
lovely day
lovely daaayyyyy!

Anyways, I got back home and chilled some more. Around 4, Hermano (that's jeff, folks) got ready for work and I began making the sandwiches. I made about pretty much a whole loaf's worth and cut them in half. So I had about 30 sandwich halfs with turkey and cheese or pb and j. I busted out the pop and the chips. I call up people to see if they would actually show up. I get a gurantee from at least 2 people and the rest are either voicemails or they just drop out entirely (bitches) haha. Sure enough 5:30 rolls on and I pop in the first movie, "Twin Warriors". I forgot how really bad ass the movie is. And yes pretty much the entire first movie of the marathon, I was the only one watching. Around the time I start the 2nd movie, E shows up and I'm happy as hell because that guy's always there. We sit down and dick around while we watch "The Defender". Then a couple minutes later Bitner shows up and he digs into some food. So it's E, Bitner, myself, and Serena. A couple of calls later and pretty much near the last 40 mioutes Tammy shows up. Tammy's a co-worker with me at TCS. After the first two movies, Hodge calls up and tells us he's going straight to Lowes. After watching the crappy fights in Cradle 2 The Grave, we head out to Woodfield. Tammy lets me drive her Highlander and its a pretty sweet ride. We get there and its ass packed with stupid highschool kids.

We all meet up and say our heeellllooos. I am officially introduced to Hodge's girlfriend, Jessica. She's already cool in my book because she likes Jet Li. We get our seats and I sit in front of seat kickers. Anyways, the movie starts and I'm blown away within the first 5 minutes. The movie couldn't have worked if they thought of it as some stupid action movie but no they didn't. They took their time with the characters and developed a story that's both touching and heartfelt. After all, it is Luc Besson, who wrote and directed one of my favorites, "The Professional."

I'm blown away by the great casting and in my opinion, Jet Li's gives such a warm and endearing peformance. They also could've casted schlubs for the other main characters, but no, Bob Hoskins gives one of his best performances to date and I've never seen the ganster character so alive and ferocious then when he plays Bart, Jet Li's Master. The piano tuner was a pretty simple character to start with but Morgan Freeman gave him so much depth and quality in his bit part that he's just as enjoyable.

The action is off the wall though. It's well paced and the fights are pretty incredible and just raw. I think some of the key elements that I liked about the story were the transistion cuts and the color palette of the film. It felt like it was a rainy, foggy, sad, depressing world that Danny lived in throughout the entire film. Only when he stumbles upon some happiness does the color palette change but the grays and blues still remain on the outside as compared to the warm browns and beige's of the house he begins to call home.

All in all it was a really kick ass movie and it was suprisingly funny too. ANYWAYS after the flick, we parted ways with Hodge and went back to my apt to chill. I forgot I needed to borrow Ong Bak and I, Not Stupid from Hodge and quickly text him. Then its 2am and everyone's tired and we all say goodbye although Eric left a lil before Bitner and Tammy did. I call it a night and relieve the entire Unleashed experience in my head. I think I'm gonna see it again. I'm out.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Assault On Maya and some old friends.

Tuesday May 10th, 2005

- I got a call around 8:30ish and it was from Frank's bro Emil. He said he was gonna drive me to the Rem's house and Frank and I would live from there to go to work. On the way there, I asked Emil how things were going and he said they were pretty good and he's done with school for the semester.

- We get to the Rem's house and Frank is already waiting. He thought Emil and I had snuck off to get some McGriddles. I felt like the President because I was being transferred to another car. Anyways we get on the road and talk about the same ole shit. I get to work at least 10 minutes early and one of the guys at Live 2 Tell was there. He told me they were gonna get me going on some new shit possibly secondary character animation and maybe some prop modeling. I was excited none the less because I had fun doing the lip syncs and venturing into another part of the project is just as awesome. So he tells me Charlie is gonna give me the basics on how to model in Maya and navigate through the interface.

- Charlie comes in and he gets me started on some basics. Throughout his lil tutuorial section I find out that Maya is full of menus upon submenus.....I already dislike the program. Its not as easy to navigate through as much as Max and the ALT key is like the super key of maya. Which is like the complete opposite of Max. Anyways he shows me how to get down in dirty in Maya and tells me to model some props for a lab setting. I say sure and get to work.

- About 5 minutes into using the program I realize that I like MAX ALOT and its no wonder the school preferred it. I get so freaking frustrated and confused that it takes me like half an hour to make a bottle. The extrude poly features in Maya are kinda dinky too and I keep trying to use the Max hot keys and I keep changing all these weird settings. I converse with the other intern and he says that it takes awhile to get used to and he prefers a program called XSI instead and thinks Maya is one of the more challenging programs. Charlie comes in to check on me and he says it'll take some getting used to. Being trained in Max though, I do know the basics of modeling and I just have to get used to the controls of Maya and its interface.

- I text Frank and he tells me he's dragging ass too. We decide to break for lunch at 2pm. We go to Wendy's and I owe him cause he paid last time. We get some nuggets and 2 JUNIOR bacon Chee. We talk about how work sucks today and we head back. He drops me off around 2. And I get back to building my the end of the hour I get used to it's wacky controls and end up making like 4 more props before I call it a day.

- After work I get to steppin' to Frank's work and realize that with the nice weather and all, all the MILFS are out walking around wearing barely anything. It was a sweet half hour to Moosejaw, the name of the company Frank's interning for. I text him and tell him I'm in the area and I'll be at Barnes and Noble. I check out gamestop find nothing and go to B&N. I find a chair and grab J.Scott Campbell's "Danger Girl" complete collection. I sit through it and read it a bit and then get bored and just flip to the art. It's a pretty sweet book and I'm thinking of picking it up. It has this hilarious intro by Bruce Campbell and a cool drawing of him done by J. Scott. It's funny because it incorporates Bruce's lifework in the image. Like a saddle that says Brisco County Jr. and a big wood sign that says "WORKSHED". Pretty funny stuff. As I sit there I get a call from Jp and he tells me that they can take me back to Schaumburg tonight. I say coolio and hang up. Seconds later, Frank calls me and finds me inside Barnes. We get ready to call it a day. On the way back, he tells me the events of Skye's communion party and we talk about girls. We go to my Aunt Carol's house 'cause he needs to pick up his sunglACEs. We sit and talk with the kid's and Auntie Carol and then my pops calls me asking where I am. On that note, we leave and head back home. He drops me off and takes off for school.

- I get in the house and check my mail. I get an email from a friend and she tells me that an old classmate of mine's grandmother passed away last sunday and the wake is tomorrow. I inform my Pop and call off work. I tell John I'm not going back tonight and that I'm attending the wake.

Wednesday May 11, 2005

- I stayed up late and thus I woke up late. I thought about working on some of the books today but I didn't feel up to it. I realize I haven't touched any of them since I was in Schaumburg on Monday. It worries me a bit but I'm too lazy and feeling blue to actual do something today. It's pretty boring and then 5 O Clock hits. I get ready for the wake and steal some of my brother's clothes. I stop by Walgreens and get a card. I get there and I see my friend and give her a hug. I notice Frank in the background and I go and say my prayers. Its always an awkward uneasy feeling for me to be at these things. So I pretty much just stay in one place the rest of the night and get caught up with some old friends who I haven't seen in forever. Frank leaves for class. I really don't know that many people here but later into the evening more familar faces arrive and I start feeling comfortable. We have one last prayer service at the end of the night. I say my hellos to new people coming in and say my goodbyes and then I see my Aunt Chris come up with my baby niceces and nephews. They haven't seen me in awhile and I'm pretty sure they still don't know who I am but they seem like they due and its pretty cool because they aren't shy with me anymore. After staying an extra 10minutes to entertain the kids, we finally leave. (You know how those filipino goodbyes are) We get home and John's watching Smallville. Its a pretty cool episode but it reminded me too much of House of Wax because the guy is like collecting all the hot chicks and putting them in this school he recreated in some old abandoned warehouse place and he has this power to put some waxy goop all over them. It was kinda lame but it's Smallville and I've loved every episode thus far. John and I stay up and we find out that Assault on Precinct 13 and Life Aquatic came out. We go to Hollywood at like 10:40. We are 1 for 2 because Life Aquatic is out but we make with the Assault On Precinct 13. We get home and pop it in. It's pretty bad ass I thought...and John Leguizamo plays thsi junkie and its pretty freaking awesome. If you like action movies I'd recommend this one. Not only does it have sweet gun battles but it has this cool introduction to Ethan Hawke's character and the writer took some time giving these characters thought. Turns out, its a remake off a John Carpenter original and thats part of the reason why I liked it. Laurence Fishburne is pretty good. The only thing I hate is Ja Rule.....why??? Because its Ja Rule. But he has a smal role and luckily he gets killed. Thats not a spoiler or anything its just that the moment you see him, you automatically think.."Man this guy sucks, they're gonna kill him." But anyways check out the flick it's worth the rent. I originally wanted to see it in theaters but never got around to it. After that, its like 1am and John heads off to bed. I go to sleep and wake up around noon. We saddle up and head back to Schaumburg around 1.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Answering the Call of Boredom

- Saturday May 7, 2005

I can't remember anything from this day other then it was boring and it sucked. I think I woke up late and was mad because I had to go to crappy work instead of going to Skye's communion party. I get a disturbing phone call from Willy telling me that the night he drove back from my house after Chinatown he got in this accident and the lethal weapon is no more. I was pretty shocked and sad but glad to hear that he is ok. He sounded really bummed. Then I just dicked around the rest of the day feeling non-productive and went to work at 5. It sucked. I came home watched "Shanghai Knights" and fell asleep. I did get some postive feedback from the comic pages I did though. So that made me happy but other then that it was a boring day.

- Sunday May 8th, 2005

Feeling the effects from the previous day's uneventful happenings. I wake up around 8am. But still feeling pretty crappy I just roll over and wake up around noon. I get my ass up and try to be productive. I'm not feeling it today but I do manage to do some kind of work even though I wasn't very motivated. I mope around and then decide to treat myself to some Panda. I order some Crispy Garlic Chicken and put on the movie "Saw". Eric calls and I tell him what happened to Willis. About 5 minutes into the movie I don't get into it and turn it off. I put on "Anchorman" and my Panda arrives. I sit and eat as I laugh really loud at Steve Correl. "LOUD NOISES!!!" I soon get bored and realize its almost 4pm. I decide to go lay down on my bed and take a nap. I set the alarm from an hour and then my phone rings. It's Frank asking me whats going on and I tell him I have work tomorrow morning. They decide to have a bbq for Mom's day I guess. Sadly I can't attend and it really bums me out because I think family could cheer me up right about now...hell conversation with anyone would but I sadly won't have that for the rest of the night. I talk to Kj and she tells me about the communion party, prom, and other things. It's pretty cool because I never really ever talk to Kj on the phone so it was pretty funny. After I say my hellos and goodbyes, I get a sudden urge to do something. So I skip my planned nap and go right into working on the comic book. I get an entire page into the computer and decide to call it a day being it Sunday and all. I listen to some mp3s and then play Call of Duty for like 2 hours. I really suck but I get slap happy when I kill people because somehow it shows I have some skill or their are other players out there who suck more then me. Jeff comes home and we watch the Simpsons and Family Guy and they were really funny. We tape Desperate Housewives and I go back to playing Call of Duty. After Housewives I update the blog and realize I have truck tomorrow. Man this week is already off to a so so start. BUT my Jet Li Marathon is well on its way to becoming a reality and I get excited. Which reminds me I need to email everyone about it again. Thanks blog you're the BEST. I finish updating the diary and I check out Hodge's blog to see if he made any updates...and I'm jealous because his title for his Chinatown entry is alot cooler then mine. After all that I play Call of Duty till my eyes hurt and I go to bed.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

chinatown at night Posted by Hello

Mitsuwa, Chinatown, Bums, and Meijer

Friday May, 6th 2005

Got up for work around 5 in the am. Didn't feel too hot seeing how I didn't want to go to work in the first place. But today seemed to go by alright and soon enough I was outta there by 11 O Clock on the dot. Jeff felt like going to Mitsuwa and I was totally down for that. I got some sushi and some curry rice and a bottle of Ramune. And all for under 10 bucks. Not too shabby I might add. We head back home and Jeff plays some more episode III and takes a nap. I do the same and pass out on the couch for a bit...I still kinda feel like crap. Eric calls me up around 3:30 and says that Jacy and Rachel are gonna bail on Chinatown which leaves Hodge, myself, Willis, and the E himself. Spencer is a no show sadly. I call Willis up but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go because he'd like everyone to kinda be there. I tell him to do whatever he wants and call Eric to see what the deal is. It's almost 5 and the 3 amigos arrive. We try to decide on what to do now but I insist we still go to Chinatown. So we're off.

The drive there wasn't too bad just chilling and shooting the shit until we get to the area and we get lost for about 30 minutes. We wind up in certain ghettos where there are no asian people and it looks "de-militarized". (as E put it) We find some parking and begin the night of walking and checking out shops. First place we go is some gift shop full of buddhas and anime wall scrolls and outfits. Pretty much every shop is gonna be like this for the rest of the night. We make our way to the weapon shop and check out all the cool things we can kill people with HAHA. I really wanted to get a pair of 'chuks but I didn't have the money and I felt horrible already spending way too much in the past 3 days. So I hold back and make a mental note to save up some more cash when I get a chance. We go to this bakery which is REALLY tasty and each get a hot bun filled with some meat product. I opted for the Curry Beef Bun which was pretty damn tasty. We continue our walk and enjoy as light becomes dark. We finish on one side of the street and cross over and make our way back to otherside. We head over to New China Town where they have this cool lil Chinatown square with a stage and Pagodas. The Pagodas are actually ways to get to the upper level shops where we find the greatest prize ever. A Karaoke Bar. We go in and ask for prices. Its pretty expensive like 28 bucks per hour for just 4 people. But we decide to come back with the whole crew other night. We head back trying to pass the time so we can catch the late night prices at the Triple Crown restaurant. While trying to make the time go by, Willis sees a sign for the parking place saying that we have to pay by midnight or we'd be stuck down here for the night. As we wait for the Triple Crown late night specials, everytime we stop some bum was asking us for cash. It was pretty dumb because I heard the same story like 3 times and I just wanted them to not talk to us. So I gave them money (even though they were probably bullshitting) just so they could get away from me. If they kept it up I probably would've been broke by the night. After a LONG ass 20-30 minutes we finally eat. The restaurant is pretty cool and its lit kinda awkward. I go to take a leak which I've been dying to do for the past hour and a half. E's friends Sam and Isable meet us up there and we all order. We had a wide variety of things but mostly it was some sort of beef or chicken with some veggies. The squid and 100 flavored chicken was the bomb by the way and the bbq pork was damn good too. It was very tasty and Willis and Eric kinda got loopy on the Tea they served. So its about 11:38pm and the whole night Eric's worried about the car. We split the bill and head back to the parking lot. Sure enough we cut it close and we did have to pay by midnight. Isabel and Sam part ways with us and we head back on the road. We were thinking of getting a Craver's Case from White Castle for the spoils of a great night. But we ended up taking a drive to Meijer because Eric wanted some Chocolate Milk. We head down there and spend about an hour and half walking around. Hodge and myself ended up talking about movies and shit pretty much while we were there which is always cool. We get in the car and realize its like 1:30am. We get back to the apartment and show Hodge Dead to Rights II. Eric and Willlis drink some milk and donuts and about 2am everyone decides to call it a night. I check my mail because I have nothing better to do at 2 in the morning and I get a suprising email from Sparkie. She updates me on what she's been doing and I reply. I also get an email from Willis which he was telling me about earilier. It was for some side project we tried to get off the board but haven't really done anything productive with in a long while. After everyone leaves I try to go to bed but that Chinese food seems to not sit well in my stomach so I toss and turn till about 4am when I pass out. I wake up and its bright and its 8:45am. I hear jeff come in and ask him if I liked this game he bought called Pariah. I told him its ok and he said he's gonna sell it. I say sweet and roll over. I officially get up around 12:10 and hear Jeff playing Episode III. I sit and watch him and decide to update the diary. I check my balance and realize I shouldn't spend any more money because I went a lil under my personal limit of cash flow. I also think about how I have work when I could be eating at my cousin's communion party instead. But no one wants to cover for me...BASTARDS!!!! Time to eat something.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Work and Colons.

Tuesday May 3, 2005

- Woke up for work, Francis was running late. We still made it on time. Decided to get some lunch around 2. He text messages me and says that he has alot of work and won't be able to get some lunch till about 4pm. (which is when I'm finished anyway). So 4 O' Clock hits and I say goodbye to the folks at Live 2 Tell Pictures. I begin my walk to Moosejaw the company that Frank works for. Its about a 25-30 minute walk especially since I don't know where I'm heading exactly. But I find the big Loews theater and I know I'm there. I call him up and we meet outside for some Mickey D's. I had a craving for a Big Mac. We sit down and talk about normal shit and goof off like we usually do. We head back and I chill at Barnes in Noble till he's done. At Barnes, I check out this sweet graphic novel I wanted to get called "It's A Bird..." it's this semi-autobiographical tale by Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen. Of course, it's about Superman. So I start reading that and get really into it before I decide to stop and not spoil it until I get a copy for my own. I check own some cook books before I get a call from Frank. We head back.

- Jax is cooking up some chicken stuff and all the folks are downstairs chit chatting. John comes home and then Frank heads off to school. We all sit for dinner and the Padre talks about life in Belgium and its pretty intersting about how schooling systems work there and how food is. After that, I play around the computer for a bit and then go upstairs. Jax is watching this Oprah special on healthy bodies and they do this segment on shit. Its really gross and interesting at the same time. Theres these ladies that eat nothing but fried foods and there shit comes out all black like marbles and in chunks. This doctor says that the healthy way to crap is if its in an S shape or like a banana. I pay myself on the back because I dropped a log not to long ago. After watching that and realizing how unhealthy I've been eating I go downstair and tell John what I saw. After awhile we all go back upstairs and watch tha episode of Oprah again because to be honest with you it was pretty damn interesting.

Wednesday May 4, 2005

- John and I head back to Schaumburg around 7am. We talk about usually stuff, wedding plans, career plans, etc. John's a badass. He calls his work telling them he's gonna be late for personal errands. Sad, I'm an errand. Anyways we get to schaumburg and talk about how gross that oprah was. Then we go to McDonalds for some McGriddles haha it was really funny because we were just talking about eating healthier but John said he hasn't had a McGriddle in a long time. WHATEVER. He drops me off and I see Jeff and Serena getting ready for work. They leave and I try to go back to bed before work at TCS at 5. I don't go to bed and work on some stuff that I really need to get done. Jeff comes home and we got to Burger king and see all these damn public schools hanging out there. Honestly who hangs out at a Burger King...stupid idiots. I go to work which I don't want to do and its suprisingly slow but I'm out by 9:30. I head back and catch the new Smallville which was an alright episode. I hit the bed and call it a night.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Tae Guk Gi and some Fockers.....

Sunday May 02, 2005

- I wake up to talking filipinos. My parents plan the day with the Padre and they hit the road. Making use of the new table in John's room. I stay up there most of the day and occasionally check my email while I ink some pages for the books. I put in Meet the Fockers and its suprisingly funny. I dont know what people were talking about I like almost everything except Barbra Streisand and the gay subplot with the grandson. But I get in a few chuckles and Bobby always cracks me up. Dustin does a pretty good job too even though I wanted Jerry Stiller (Ben's real father) in the role instead. Afer that I take a break and watch some of the bloopers which aren't that funny unless you find Bobby Deniro's face REALLY funny. (which I do)

- So I ink and watch and then take a break to eat some empinadas. Hmmmm good stuff. I start up again and watch the movie Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War. Now I was inking for the most part but I got into this movie. It was really good! Like Private Ryan good. But they involved so many interesting stories with it. Like, betrayal, special missions involving the company troop and things like that. I really like this movie and its pretty breathtaking to see and violent as hell. After I sat through that, Jax came home and then John and pretty much just had another typical night. All in all I guess you could say it was a good "work" day.

Stoppin' @ Frys and meeting the Padre

Sunday May 02, 2005

- After stopping at Fry's on our way back to Bridgeview, I got back and just chilled. It was pretty boring but my Pops had food so it was all good. Around 6ish, Mom, Auntie Geng, Uncle Fred, and The Padre came home from the downtown fun. I check my mail and find out that Hodge has started up a blog and Hodge is the shit. I email him back tell him and everyone that I want to do a Jet Li marathon. He says thats a dope idea and I get pumped. Anyways after that, John and Jax come home I txt frank asking him whats up. He says nothing but homework. I take back Blade: Trinity to Hollywood and rent Meet the Fockers and Tae Guk Gi some Korean war movie thats in the vein of Saving Private Ryan. I head back and stay up and watch tv. Pretty boring rest of the night. I go to bed and call it a night. The couch is comfy and I'm out like a light.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lucky feather.... Posted by Hello

Makin' copies, working, and new calender picture!!

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

- Ok, I wake up to find out Jeff's not going to work till noon and thats puts a cramp in my style. So I saddle up with him and have him drop me off at the library where E and Sarah, and Andi, are "working". I chit chat and go make some copies of the pencils I did for the comic book and read the new Wizard. It's a good issue because it focuses on the new "Batman" movie which I am ready and can't wait to see. I offer to buy lunch for Eric since he's going to give me a ride to work. Work sucks because I still haven't found anyone to fill in my shift so I'm techinically screwed and won't be able to make it to Skye's communion party. So Sarah and I pick up Wendy's and she makes a stop at Starbucks. I find out that she works at this place called Asiagos. Which to me sounds like ASIA - GO. We get back and she heads off to class and we dig in our Wendy's. I ask if Andi got her change and she freaks out and tells me of other stories when she hadn't got her change back and its good times. When 3:30 hits, we saddle up and find Sarah to get Andi's change back. We then hit Borders and chill out there till I have to go to TCS. At Borders, we look at the graphic novels and Eric and I browse through the Art of Sith book. We look at everything pretty much spoiling the entire movie for us but we don't care. I already know what happens so I wasn't suprised too much. After Borders I head to work.

- Work goes by pretty fast. I still can't find a freaking replacement so I get pissed and collect a bunch of numbers for me to call today. I get picked up and Jeff and Serena say they saw Hitchhiker's and said it was pretty good. "Not as good as the book" which everyone fucking says but whatever. I've never read it and I'm more of a visual person. I only read books I know I will finish....eventually. We get home and I eat some leftover Sphaghetti and sit in front of the tube. SNL is a rerun and it sucks anyways except for when I see Horatio Sanz. I flip to TNT and see that "Ali" is on tv. I've never seen the thing all the way through so I decide to watch it. The movie's not to bad and I find myself enjoying it. I'm not a big fan of bio pics but this one's pretty good and Will Smith does a damn good job as well as Jon Voight as Howard Kozel. (I think thats how its spelled.) Movie with commericals runs about 2 and a half hours and when its done, its 1am. Jeff stayed up and watched it with me which was pretty cool because Emeril was making Tamales on the Food network and we were flipping back. I hit the bed.

Sunday May 01, 2005

- I wake up at 8:30 to a knock on my door. Its Jeff telling me to write the rent check. I say ok and go back to bed. I wake up and call more co workers and they happily decline. I get a call from pop and he says he's stopping by to bring me back to the ' View. I get a shower and update the blog and write the checks. Also I turn the calender over to reveal my new Brooke Burke May shot. Man she's hot.