Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Waking up LATE!!


This is my first post. I thought this would be a good idea for some reason to get an inside look on the boring ass events that add to my life. Plus I've been reading the online diary of Kevin Smith at his viewaskew website. I found myself sitting at my computer for hours because it was so interesting and funny. So I thought I'd share with you my days, weeks, and maybe even years. I'm no famous person or anything but its always good to write stuff down whether good or bad So just take a minute and sit right here and I'll tell you all how I became the Prince of Bel Air.

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

- I was up late last night, I haven't been sleeping that well in a good while so I have been tossing and turning about. Plus my allergies have been kicking my ass and I get bloody noses almost everynight. It irritates the hell out of me because I always hated the "sniffers" that were in school. You know, those people who constantly sniffed up the shit that was clogging up their noses instead of blowing it out with a tissue. Anyways I wake up...at 10:30am....I roll over and go back to sleep. I close my eyes for what feels like five minutes. I wake up to my ringing phone thats laying on my pile of dirty laundry. I check to see who's calling and its the "girl wonder". I answer the phone trying not to sound like I just woke up. Of course, she catches me on my bs. We have a conversation about how its 1pm and I just got up and how she works everyday. We talk about "Desperate Housewives" and how she wants me to tape it and watch it the next day. I tell her that I'm going to Bridgeview, and won't be back till probably Wednesday morning.

- After I get off the phone with Robin I bitch about how I just got up and its already past noon. So I take a shower to not feel like swass and clean my room a bit. After that, I decide to work on some freelance stuff I've picked up. So I put on Dogma in the background and draw for a bit. A bit is more like 5 minutes as I am easily distracted by the movie and feel hungry. I go into the kitchen and realize I have no food. I take some bread and cheese and put it in the toaster oven. I try to fry an egg and make that cool sandwich that was in the movie "Spanglish". It doesn't turn out that way and the yolk breaks in the pan. Either way, I shove it down my mouth and it feels me up. I continue working and only pause to see Salma Hayek dance around half naked in a school girl outfit...with ponytails and the glasses. After thats over I decide to make it a double feature and put on "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". I put that on and continue my work. After both flicks are over, It is now 6ish. I go on my computer, check my mail do a lil "photoshopping".

- Jeff and Serena come home around 7ish. He plops on the couch tired as shit. I get hungry and decide to eat some Panda before "Desperate Housewives" comes on. I take the Echo and drive to Blockbuster first. I'm looking for "Meet the Fockers" but they're all out. I skim through the used movies and decide that I'm hungrier. I jet to Panda and order General Tso's Chicken. On the way over, I here "Personal Jesus" on q101. The Panda guy is happy to see me and asks if I'm off of school. I just nod and say yes, even though its Sunday and no one's in school plus I've been out of school for almost 5 months. But he doesn't know that.plus he's making me food. Five minutes go by and this couple comes in. Some Russian guy with a dark skinned girlfriend. She seems Indian-esque. She's pretty hot looking wearing all baby blue and sandals...but that was the back view. When she turned around for a bit I got a glance and took down my hotness meter because she was rocking some funky pierce face crap and a huge nose. Plus she seemed snotty when she made her order not saying a please or thank you to nice Panda lady.

- I get my food and head back. Looking at my phone, its 8:10 and I'm missing Desperate Housewives. Robin's gonna be pissed. I get in and Jeff tells me its a recap show. Thank God. I eat my Panda and finish "Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy". I call Robin to let her know its a recap but I get her voicemail. I read "Silent Bob Speaks" for a couple of chapters and then fall asleep to Kanye's "College Dropout". I think about how I have truck at 5am and do the sleep math as I pass out around 11ish.


Jackie said...

ummm..nice, but this is now old news. Shoulda talked about how you were mad yesterday! and how you went to Chipotle and felt all better today!
hee heee...

Jackie said...

and now I'm mad cause I had to sign up for yet another one of these things...just to post a &*)*()^%$^*) comment!.....justkidding.