Thursday, April 28, 2005

No Joey, Taco Bell, and the 'brary.

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

- Around 1 or 2 am I finish updating the diary and head to bed. I fall asleep listening to Talib Kweli's "The Beautiful Striggle". I think about how I'm going to get up early and maybe take the car from Jeff and Serena because I need to go to the library to photocopy whatever pencils I did for the online comic. I think that I'll be up around 8am to see if I can get them heading out the door. I sleep a dreamless sleep.

- I wake up @ 8:34am and I hear the front door shut. Son of a bitch. I missed them so I just roll over and go back to bed. I wake up around 10:30 and decide I need to get up. I look over at my new phone which is all shiny and pretty and decide to call up E. He says that he's got class at 3 and then work at 6. I told him to call me because I might need a ride to the library. I get up and figure out how to turn the flash off my camera phone. I go and take pictures of Justine (my bird) and no "bird" is not slang for my junk...why the hell would I name it a girl's name anyway. So I brush my teeth and take a leak and get ready to start the day.

- Before anything, I call up Sallie Mae and ask about my loans. Apparently I sent them the wrong forms so they haven't put my loans on a forbearance. So I call and the lady gives me a bunch of options. I get so confused at this crap so I decide to hang up and just look at the Sallie Mae website later on in the week. Then I remember that I'm getting paid from TCS and think about just paying off the rest of my first payment which is due in May.

- I bust out my drawing pad and plop in front of the couch. I put on "The Bourne Supremacy" and begin to work on the books. Halfway through the movie, the Xbox starts skipping it. So I decide to shut it off and put in something else. I start watching "Hellboy". I forgot how funny the movie was and that Ron Perlman did a great job even though I've never read any of the books. By the time it's finished, Jeff's home and he tells me about work and what kind of shit is going on. I'm pretty much tired of drawing for the day and him and I pack up to head for Taco Bell. Just as we get ready, Serena calls and we go pick her up. On the way back, Eric calls and says he's heading to the 'brary. I told him I can just take the Echo and I'll drop by in a couple of hours. We get to the border and I order a Nacho Bel Grande and two Double Deckers. It taste so good once it hits your lips.

- We get back and I decide to color some pages I did for the children's book. It goes pretty well and I listen to the entire "Urban Sophisticates" Cd. By the time thats over, I get ready to watch "Joey". But Jeff said its not on and some stupid Bush address is on. I get pissed. Then my cousin Ellen, IMs me and we get to talking about stuff and then I wrap it up because I want to hit the library before it gets too late. On the way, I listen to Twista's "Kamikaze" album and find myself liking it more and more I hear it.

- I get to 'brary and see Andi, E, and Sarah moving a bunch of magazines and crap everywhere. I say hello and catch up with Andi. I go and make my copies. Eric and I shoot the shit for awhile and talk about stupid stuff. Then I mention I read Kevin Smith's review on "Sith" and told him all the spoilers. He didn't mind because he doesn't really care all that much. So I tell him some of the good stuff and he thinks its gonna be awesome. I bid farewell and head back home. I get hungry again and reheat one of my Double Decker's from before. I watch "Scrubs" and "The Office" and laugh my ass off. I try to find something else to watch but decide to call it a night. I have work in the morning, so I decided to update and hit the bed early.

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