Friday, April 29, 2005

Finding a Replacement.

Friday, April 29th, 2005

- So I get off work and hop in this fine honey's car. She looks familar but I can't really remember if I know her or not. But she obviously remembers me because she tells me to get in. So I hop in her car and ask her if she wants to get something to eat. She says she's not that hungry. Saddened by the fact that I won't be shoving my face would food I ask her where she wants to go. She says, "Let's go to my house and chill for abit." How can I pass up an opportunity like that!! So I get into the car and just as the door slams I wake up and my alarm is playing a low static noise. I look at the clock to see if I have any more time left to go back into my slumber and see what happens next but its already 5:26am and I need to haul my ass to work. I *sigh a deep *sigh and hit the pisser.

- Work goes by pretty fast but I find in my mail box that my schedule request from two weeks past is in my bin...again with a post it saying I need to find a replacement if I'm gonna take off on Saturday for Skye's Communion. I completely forgot I had to do that and decide after truck that I'll look up some people's names that I can call.

- Truck goes by ok and Jeff tells me he has work at the mall at 2. So I grab some numbers of fellow co-workers that I know and begin my hunt for finding a replacement for Saturday. If I can't by Sunday, I'm pretty much screwed and won't be able to attend the party. I begin calling and I get all answering machines. One person I do call picks up and says that she has a Mother's b-day party to atten but she would get back to me to let me know. That sounds kind of promising. The other people I call, I leave numbers for.

- It's around lunch time so we decide to grab some Panda. I also remember that we got paid and I have rent coming up this week. I order the Chicken Cashew Nut and Jeff order's Mongolian Beef. We scarf that shit down and watch "Dodgeball". As I'm eating my Panda though, it taste more "fatty" then anything. But I shrug. I'm pretty sure it was pork. We'll let that slide Panda.

- I begin to fall asleep and the movie's over and Jeff gets ready for work. I take a huge dump and when I'm done, he's gone off to Hot Topic. I pretty much decide to do jack and shit for the rest of the day. I pass in and out of sleep waking up to my phone. It's people that I've called earlier telling me that can't cover my shift. I even get more worried now because I'd really like to go to the party even more now. Eric calls me up and tells me his mom's surgery thing went well and he needs to go home and take it all in because it had a strong effect on him. I tell him about my bs and hit lets me snooze. I wake up again and its 5pm. Another co-worker calls me up and tells me she to can't cover my shift. But tells me about some people who might. I get up check my mail and see my friend Lissee online. Thats my friend's girlfriend...which reminds me that its his birthday. I call him up and we say hello and share stories. I wish him a Happy Birthday again and tell him we should get together in the summer.

- Jeff and Serena come home and I decide to play some Call of Duty. I like first person war shooters for some reason. After getting my ass kicked in that game. I decide to update the journal. As I sit here, I'm reminded of one thing I forgot to mention. I recently did a count of my dvds just to make sure I have them all and it's a good way to keep track of them. I put them in a spreadsheet in Excel and the count came up to like 120 dvds. I plan on putting them all in their respective genere's on various sheets and things like that. I'm a nerd. I also try and scan the copies I made of the comic stuff from yesterday. But they are too light which I decide to just go to the 'brary tomorrow and visit Eric and recopy them with a darker contrast. Its about 8:20pm and I think I'm gonna go catch the new xXx movie. Not because I'm a big fan of the original but the thug himself, Ice Cube, is in it. And I'm a fan of his....what a bad ass. The guy can do it all. I've heard the movie is complete trash and over the top...but hey its an action movie with one of the founding members of N.W.A. , I can't pass this shit up. I'm out this beast.

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