Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The day they canceled my interview!!!

Mother F-ers!!!!

Tuesday April 26th, 2005

- I woke up around 7:30am. I slept pretty good even though I was upset at the fact that I had to take a cab to my interview for this photography summer job today. This entire process of rescheduling and canceling interviews on me has been a thorn in my ass. I tried to see if Jackie wanted to drive me over there when she got off work but she said it would be too much work for her to drive around and about especially if it was gonna be rush hour traffic and shit like that. I just didn't want to take a cab. I wouldn't want to drive me either. Just goes to show how much of an inconvenience I can be when I have to be Ms. Daisy in someone else's car. Plus I kinda sprung it on her at the moment so oh well.

- Rest of that night I was "Mad" Jay. Anyways I woke up around 7:30am and good ole' Francis was going to swing by around 8:30 to pick me up to go to work. He had recently gotten a sweet intern job at this lil mountain hiking gear place as an accountant person who does money things. (That sounds about right). He comes by and we hit the road. On the way there, I tell him how dumb the previous night was and we shoot the shit like normal. I ask if he can just swing by around 2pm for lunch and just drop me off at the Dearborn Station for my interview at 5:30. He said thats no problem. Good thing about Francis is, he comes through for you all the time.

- He drops me off at work and I have about 20 minutes. First he tells me to check and see if they're there. But I insist that someone's at the office because I see cars. So as he pulls away I dial in and of course no one picks up. So I run out into the street and catch Frank at a light. He laughs at me. We go to the place where he works because he has to pick up the mail. It's like 9:45am and they won't give us the mail till 1o. So we run around to kill time plus Frank has to pee really bad. We end up walking to the Jewel to take a leak. We get back and he gets the mail. He drives me back to work and heads off. We agree to meet up around 2:15 for Lunch.

- I get into work and its pretty quiet and dead on Tuesdays. The guys have me do more lip synching. I get stuck trying to manipulate the mouth saying the word "Friend". Time flies by until.....I get a call from a number I don't recognize. I answer it and its some guy from the photo company I was interviewing for. He's speaking on behalf of the lady who is supposed to interview me. He says she can't make it because of some eye exam. I'm so pissed right now. I tell the guy that this has been all a big hassel and its something I don't want to interview for any more. So Francis calls and I tell him the news....he's pretty pissed about it too, especially after the other night and about how many times I've told him that I had to reschedule with this chick on and off. So I'm pretty much stuck down here seeing as my shift ends at 2 and I don't have to be at the Station anymore. I just tell him to get me and we'll go to lunch.

- We drive around the area and I spot a Chipotle. We get some burritos and talk about how dumb it was that she scheduled me ahead of time yet she still has an eye thing to go to. So I decide to just wait for a whole 2 and half hours while he still has a shift to finish. But luckily, he works right next to a movie theater. So I decide to see what's playing and possiblly go catch a flick to kill time. This theater has the worst selection of movies EVER. The only thing good was "Robots" but I didn't feel like seeing that again. The also had the amityville horror, beauty shop, and some other thing that sounds crappy. The new Anthony Anderson (Teddy from Hangtime) movie was playing, "Kings Ransom". From the commercials it looked kinda funny and I do love Jay Mohr and Anthony Anderson so I decide to get the next showing for that which is at 4 ' O Clock.

- I'm the only guy in the theater until this black couple comes in and find out its the wrong movie. So I'm sitting there and this movie is complete trash. I only laugh at the Jay Mohr parts. The rest of it is complege garbage. Alot of the black chicks in the movie though are really hot especially Nicole Parker (from HBO's Soul Food) and the Bernie Mac Chick. I can't believe this movie is almost 2 hours....until about the last 40 minutes when Charlie Murphy shows up playing a guy who just got out of prison and Jay Mohr's character goes completely ape shit tackling guys dressed in hamburger suits and whipping it out in front of old chinese ladies. Pretty funny stuff. After that is over I still have about half an hour to kill so I walk over to the Barnes & Noble and do a bit of browsing before Frank gets a hold of me and we head out. It's about 6:10ish and he decides to skip class which starts @ 6:30. We head back to Bridgeview and John and Jax are already home. We joke around saying that I should still be "Mad" Jay when I walk in. We talk about how crappy the day was and they decide to make some Spaghetti and Chicken Tenders. We have to go to Kmart to get the sauce and we stop in at hollywood because I remember Blade: Trinity came out and I wanted to see it again. Around 9:40 or so Frank decides to hit the road. John and I don't start Blade: Trinity till about 11. We watch it and John goes to bed. Its 1am and I pass out thinking about how I have to get ready to head back to Schaumburg the next day.

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