Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back in the 'Burg, gotta new phone.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

- Ok, I wake up around 7:30am in Bridgeview. Pop's cousin, "The Priest", is coming in to stay with them for a few weeks. So the house looks all fancy-esque and he has been cooking non-stop. He tells me Uncle Fred is gonna drop by to come get me and then to O'Hare to pick him up.

- He doesn't come by till about almost noon-ish. And his plane lands around 1ish. Anyways long drive short, I make it back to Schaumburg. First thing I do is call Frank up and tell him I just got back and asked him what he's got going on today.

- Its about 1:30 or so and I settle back in to the apartment. I check my email and pretend that I did a good job doing my laundry...even though my moms took care of it. NICE. I bring home "Batman Forever" on VHS and decide to pop it in. I watch it to pass the time and I remeber how I used to like it when it first came out. Now, not so much because of its very flamboyant portrayal of Gotham City. The only great thing about the flick was how Val Kilmer ended up being a better Batman then Keaton. Yeah I said it so what!! Kilmer played Bruce Wayne, you can stick a joe schmoe in a suit and call him batman...they did it with Keaton and obviously with Clooney, but Kilmer portrayed the man outside of the cape and cowl better then anyone. If it were a better movie, it probably would've worked. But with all the pretty colors and "more then one bad guy" scenario engulfing Kilmer's well acted performance, the movie tanks. Hell it was even produced by Tim Burton himself..what the hell was he thinking too. So halfway through the movie, I start to lose interest. I call up Niki, because today is her birthday and of course she's at work so she can't talk long. I tell her we should meet up for lunch when she has some free time and I say goodbye. I look at the clock and decide to just chill for a good hour and a half before I have to go to work at TCS.

- I decide to call Jeff up but my phone isn't working. I start freaking out because earlier in the day my pops was changing phones and I'm on the same plan as him. So the operator tells me that my number is unavailable. I start crapping my pants because I thought maybe Jeff might've forgot I had work at 5 and I needed to take the Echo. I see John online and bug him at work telling him to call Jeff and tell him what had happened. I have a minor panic attack because I thought I was gonna have to survive on not having a phone for a good 5 days or so. (Because we don't have a house phone, we all pretty much use our cells)

- Jeff strolls in around 4:10 and tells me he met up with the psychology teacher he was doing the website for. He told me they were doing a conference call or some shit and he was being held up. I take a quit shower and I'm out the door heading for work.

- I get at The Container Store and clock in. Ron my manager tells me I'm gonna do some more training tonight and he's gonna show me more about our shelving product at the store. So I'm not on register the entire night thank god. Work goes by fast and on the way home Jeff's telling me that some of the guys might bring by the new phone he picked up for himself, ma, and me. He also tells me my cousin Jason got this sweet ass Dell monitor for under 900 bucks. I forget how big it is..but that was actually the sale price. On the way back, pick up some Burger King and head to the apartment. Jeff tells me he taped "Smallville" so I pop that in and its a pretty bad ass episode. Halfway through, our bay window gets knocked on. Being scared, I jump into Karate stance. I somehow knew that it was my brother John and Francis. They came by to drop of my phone and they brought LNK. We all chill and I bust out the phone and start playing with it for a bit. Half an hour later or so Frank, John, and LNK leave. I get back to finishing "Smallville" and begin to read the manual of my phone which is like a mini-novel I might add. I try to send Frank a text message but I sent him a blank one on accident. I was done with that for now. I stay up the rest of the night putting my numbers in my phone book. I call Lisa up and wish her Happy Birthday but she gets cut off 'cause of some shitty reception. So I call her back and leave her a voicemail wishing her all the best on her travels. I finish up about 1 in the morning and am now in my room updating the diary and thinking about going to bed. What I've got planned for today (it being Wednesday morning) is working on comio book and the children's book and calling up the E. Also, I'm gonna try and get a hold of Spencer because he's gonna be leaving for Florida in a few weeks.

SeaCrust(y) out. hehe

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