Friday, April 29, 2005

xXx: State of the Union

Ok, a couple posts back, I shared my thoughts on a movie that I saw called "King's Ransom". I pretty much just stated what I liked about it and what I didn't like. So seeing how I told you guys that I would go see the new "xXx" movie because I'm a big fan of Ice Cube. I thought I'd share my thoughts on this movie as well.

-Pretty much the first time I saw the trailer, I laughed. Because I know I would go see this movie and end up liking it. Ice Cube is just that bad ass to me. So sure enough I was waiting to be blown away by this over the top action movie. To be honest with you, I did enjoy it. Because it set out what it was suppose to do, entertain me. I wanted to see if Cube could hold his own in what seems to be a dying genre of film. The action movie has taken a back seat lately because of adapted books, bio picks, and comic book films. There hasn't been a good action movie in a long while and the last one that I can ever remember seeing that I really enjoyed was "The Rundown" starring the great one himself. That was a while back and that movie kinda brought me back to the '80s when action movies were a dominant force in the industry.

- But with all films, I decide to go see, I keep an open mind about it. But it really didn't disappoint. I was over all pumped afterwards and talked about how crazy the movie was with my brother Jeff, who enjoyed it as well. Talk about CRAZY movie, you can't count how many times that they blew shit up. Not even 5 minutes into the movie all kinds of shit was on fire and explosions were going off everywhere. It was awesome!!! Then it cut to Cube and I just started smiling because I already decided that I liked the movie. The plot was pretty interesting and it tried to mix some elements of spy/political betrayal/espionage into it. I guess you could say it succedded a little bit. Hell even the credits were like a James Bond movie with fused with the thug life. All in all it definitely was an action movie and it delievered in that respect. If you don't mind the corniness of it all, some pretty bad dialouge, and some annoying secondary characters, this movie will get your adrenaline pumping. AND if you're a big fan of cars and shit. This movie has alot of them. Explosions, cars, over the top action sequences, and Ice Cube. Thats alot of bang for your buck!

PS- The new Batman Begins trailer on the big screen made me wet my pants with joy! Also Jet Li's "Unleashed" looks to break him away from teaming up with R&B singers and Rappers. (God bless Aaliyah)

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Finding a Replacement.

Friday, April 29th, 2005

- So I get off work and hop in this fine honey's car. She looks familar but I can't really remember if I know her or not. But she obviously remembers me because she tells me to get in. So I hop in her car and ask her if she wants to get something to eat. She says she's not that hungry. Saddened by the fact that I won't be shoving my face would food I ask her where she wants to go. She says, "Let's go to my house and chill for abit." How can I pass up an opportunity like that!! So I get into the car and just as the door slams I wake up and my alarm is playing a low static noise. I look at the clock to see if I have any more time left to go back into my slumber and see what happens next but its already 5:26am and I need to haul my ass to work. I *sigh a deep *sigh and hit the pisser.

- Work goes by pretty fast but I find in my mail box that my schedule request from two weeks past is in my bin...again with a post it saying I need to find a replacement if I'm gonna take off on Saturday for Skye's Communion. I completely forgot I had to do that and decide after truck that I'll look up some people's names that I can call.

- Truck goes by ok and Jeff tells me he has work at the mall at 2. So I grab some numbers of fellow co-workers that I know and begin my hunt for finding a replacement for Saturday. If I can't by Sunday, I'm pretty much screwed and won't be able to attend the party. I begin calling and I get all answering machines. One person I do call picks up and says that she has a Mother's b-day party to atten but she would get back to me to let me know. That sounds kind of promising. The other people I call, I leave numbers for.

- It's around lunch time so we decide to grab some Panda. I also remember that we got paid and I have rent coming up this week. I order the Chicken Cashew Nut and Jeff order's Mongolian Beef. We scarf that shit down and watch "Dodgeball". As I'm eating my Panda though, it taste more "fatty" then anything. But I shrug. I'm pretty sure it was pork. We'll let that slide Panda.

- I begin to fall asleep and the movie's over and Jeff gets ready for work. I take a huge dump and when I'm done, he's gone off to Hot Topic. I pretty much decide to do jack and shit for the rest of the day. I pass in and out of sleep waking up to my phone. It's people that I've called earlier telling me that can't cover my shift. I even get more worried now because I'd really like to go to the party even more now. Eric calls me up and tells me his mom's surgery thing went well and he needs to go home and take it all in because it had a strong effect on him. I tell him about my bs and hit lets me snooze. I wake up again and its 5pm. Another co-worker calls me up and tells me she to can't cover my shift. But tells me about some people who might. I get up check my mail and see my friend Lissee online. Thats my friend's girlfriend...which reminds me that its his birthday. I call him up and we say hello and share stories. I wish him a Happy Birthday again and tell him we should get together in the summer.

- Jeff and Serena come home and I decide to play some Call of Duty. I like first person war shooters for some reason. After getting my ass kicked in that game. I decide to update the journal. As I sit here, I'm reminded of one thing I forgot to mention. I recently did a count of my dvds just to make sure I have them all and it's a good way to keep track of them. I put them in a spreadsheet in Excel and the count came up to like 120 dvds. I plan on putting them all in their respective genere's on various sheets and things like that. I'm a nerd. I also try and scan the copies I made of the comic stuff from yesterday. But they are too light which I decide to just go to the 'brary tomorrow and visit Eric and recopy them with a darker contrast. Its about 8:20pm and I think I'm gonna go catch the new xXx movie. Not because I'm a big fan of the original but the thug himself, Ice Cube, is in it. And I'm a fan of his....what a bad ass. The guy can do it all. I've heard the movie is complete trash and over the top...but hey its an action movie with one of the founding members of N.W.A. , I can't pass this shit up. I'm out this beast.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

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No Joey, Taco Bell, and the 'brary.

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

- Around 1 or 2 am I finish updating the diary and head to bed. I fall asleep listening to Talib Kweli's "The Beautiful Striggle". I think about how I'm going to get up early and maybe take the car from Jeff and Serena because I need to go to the library to photocopy whatever pencils I did for the online comic. I think that I'll be up around 8am to see if I can get them heading out the door. I sleep a dreamless sleep.

- I wake up @ 8:34am and I hear the front door shut. Son of a bitch. I missed them so I just roll over and go back to bed. I wake up around 10:30 and decide I need to get up. I look over at my new phone which is all shiny and pretty and decide to call up E. He says that he's got class at 3 and then work at 6. I told him to call me because I might need a ride to the library. I get up and figure out how to turn the flash off my camera phone. I go and take pictures of Justine (my bird) and no "bird" is not slang for my junk...why the hell would I name it a girl's name anyway. So I brush my teeth and take a leak and get ready to start the day.

- Before anything, I call up Sallie Mae and ask about my loans. Apparently I sent them the wrong forms so they haven't put my loans on a forbearance. So I call and the lady gives me a bunch of options. I get so confused at this crap so I decide to hang up and just look at the Sallie Mae website later on in the week. Then I remember that I'm getting paid from TCS and think about just paying off the rest of my first payment which is due in May.

- I bust out my drawing pad and plop in front of the couch. I put on "The Bourne Supremacy" and begin to work on the books. Halfway through the movie, the Xbox starts skipping it. So I decide to shut it off and put in something else. I start watching "Hellboy". I forgot how funny the movie was and that Ron Perlman did a great job even though I've never read any of the books. By the time it's finished, Jeff's home and he tells me about work and what kind of shit is going on. I'm pretty much tired of drawing for the day and him and I pack up to head for Taco Bell. Just as we get ready, Serena calls and we go pick her up. On the way back, Eric calls and says he's heading to the 'brary. I told him I can just take the Echo and I'll drop by in a couple of hours. We get to the border and I order a Nacho Bel Grande and two Double Deckers. It taste so good once it hits your lips.

- We get back and I decide to color some pages I did for the children's book. It goes pretty well and I listen to the entire "Urban Sophisticates" Cd. By the time thats over, I get ready to watch "Joey". But Jeff said its not on and some stupid Bush address is on. I get pissed. Then my cousin Ellen, IMs me and we get to talking about stuff and then I wrap it up because I want to hit the library before it gets too late. On the way, I listen to Twista's "Kamikaze" album and find myself liking it more and more I hear it.

- I get to 'brary and see Andi, E, and Sarah moving a bunch of magazines and crap everywhere. I say hello and catch up with Andi. I go and make my copies. Eric and I shoot the shit for awhile and talk about stupid stuff. Then I mention I read Kevin Smith's review on "Sith" and told him all the spoilers. He didn't mind because he doesn't really care all that much. So I tell him some of the good stuff and he thinks its gonna be awesome. I bid farewell and head back home. I get hungry again and reheat one of my Double Decker's from before. I watch "Scrubs" and "The Office" and laugh my ass off. I try to find something else to watch but decide to call it a night. I have work in the morning, so I decided to update and hit the bed early.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back in the 'Burg, gotta new phone.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

- Ok, I wake up around 7:30am in Bridgeview. Pop's cousin, "The Priest", is coming in to stay with them for a few weeks. So the house looks all fancy-esque and he has been cooking non-stop. He tells me Uncle Fred is gonna drop by to come get me and then to O'Hare to pick him up.

- He doesn't come by till about almost noon-ish. And his plane lands around 1ish. Anyways long drive short, I make it back to Schaumburg. First thing I do is call Frank up and tell him I just got back and asked him what he's got going on today.

- Its about 1:30 or so and I settle back in to the apartment. I check my email and pretend that I did a good job doing my laundry...even though my moms took care of it. NICE. I bring home "Batman Forever" on VHS and decide to pop it in. I watch it to pass the time and I remeber how I used to like it when it first came out. Now, not so much because of its very flamboyant portrayal of Gotham City. The only great thing about the flick was how Val Kilmer ended up being a better Batman then Keaton. Yeah I said it so what!! Kilmer played Bruce Wayne, you can stick a joe schmoe in a suit and call him batman...they did it with Keaton and obviously with Clooney, but Kilmer portrayed the man outside of the cape and cowl better then anyone. If it were a better movie, it probably would've worked. But with all the pretty colors and "more then one bad guy" scenario engulfing Kilmer's well acted performance, the movie tanks. Hell it was even produced by Tim Burton himself..what the hell was he thinking too. So halfway through the movie, I start to lose interest. I call up Niki, because today is her birthday and of course she's at work so she can't talk long. I tell her we should meet up for lunch when she has some free time and I say goodbye. I look at the clock and decide to just chill for a good hour and a half before I have to go to work at TCS.

- I decide to call Jeff up but my phone isn't working. I start freaking out because earlier in the day my pops was changing phones and I'm on the same plan as him. So the operator tells me that my number is unavailable. I start crapping my pants because I thought maybe Jeff might've forgot I had work at 5 and I needed to take the Echo. I see John online and bug him at work telling him to call Jeff and tell him what had happened. I have a minor panic attack because I thought I was gonna have to survive on not having a phone for a good 5 days or so. (Because we don't have a house phone, we all pretty much use our cells)

- Jeff strolls in around 4:10 and tells me he met up with the psychology teacher he was doing the website for. He told me they were doing a conference call or some shit and he was being held up. I take a quit shower and I'm out the door heading for work.

- I get at The Container Store and clock in. Ron my manager tells me I'm gonna do some more training tonight and he's gonna show me more about our shelving product at the store. So I'm not on register the entire night thank god. Work goes by fast and on the way home Jeff's telling me that some of the guys might bring by the new phone he picked up for himself, ma, and me. He also tells me my cousin Jason got this sweet ass Dell monitor for under 900 bucks. I forget how big it is..but that was actually the sale price. On the way back, pick up some Burger King and head to the apartment. Jeff tells me he taped "Smallville" so I pop that in and its a pretty bad ass episode. Halfway through, our bay window gets knocked on. Being scared, I jump into Karate stance. I somehow knew that it was my brother John and Francis. They came by to drop of my phone and they brought LNK. We all chill and I bust out the phone and start playing with it for a bit. Half an hour later or so Frank, John, and LNK leave. I get back to finishing "Smallville" and begin to read the manual of my phone which is like a mini-novel I might add. I try to send Frank a text message but I sent him a blank one on accident. I was done with that for now. I stay up the rest of the night putting my numbers in my phone book. I call Lisa up and wish her Happy Birthday but she gets cut off 'cause of some shitty reception. So I call her back and leave her a voicemail wishing her all the best on her travels. I finish up about 1 in the morning and am now in my room updating the diary and thinking about going to bed. What I've got planned for today (it being Wednesday morning) is working on comio book and the children's book and calling up the E. Also, I'm gonna try and get a hold of Spencer because he's gonna be leaving for Florida in a few weeks.

SeaCrust(y) out. hehe

The day they canceled my interview!!!

Mother F-ers!!!!

Tuesday April 26th, 2005

- I woke up around 7:30am. I slept pretty good even though I was upset at the fact that I had to take a cab to my interview for this photography summer job today. This entire process of rescheduling and canceling interviews on me has been a thorn in my ass. I tried to see if Jackie wanted to drive me over there when she got off work but she said it would be too much work for her to drive around and about especially if it was gonna be rush hour traffic and shit like that. I just didn't want to take a cab. I wouldn't want to drive me either. Just goes to show how much of an inconvenience I can be when I have to be Ms. Daisy in someone else's car. Plus I kinda sprung it on her at the moment so oh well.

- Rest of that night I was "Mad" Jay. Anyways I woke up around 7:30am and good ole' Francis was going to swing by around 8:30 to pick me up to go to work. He had recently gotten a sweet intern job at this lil mountain hiking gear place as an accountant person who does money things. (That sounds about right). He comes by and we hit the road. On the way there, I tell him how dumb the previous night was and we shoot the shit like normal. I ask if he can just swing by around 2pm for lunch and just drop me off at the Dearborn Station for my interview at 5:30. He said thats no problem. Good thing about Francis is, he comes through for you all the time.

- He drops me off at work and I have about 20 minutes. First he tells me to check and see if they're there. But I insist that someone's at the office because I see cars. So as he pulls away I dial in and of course no one picks up. So I run out into the street and catch Frank at a light. He laughs at me. We go to the place where he works because he has to pick up the mail. It's like 9:45am and they won't give us the mail till 1o. So we run around to kill time plus Frank has to pee really bad. We end up walking to the Jewel to take a leak. We get back and he gets the mail. He drives me back to work and heads off. We agree to meet up around 2:15 for Lunch.

- I get into work and its pretty quiet and dead on Tuesdays. The guys have me do more lip synching. I get stuck trying to manipulate the mouth saying the word "Friend". Time flies by until.....I get a call from a number I don't recognize. I answer it and its some guy from the photo company I was interviewing for. He's speaking on behalf of the lady who is supposed to interview me. He says she can't make it because of some eye exam. I'm so pissed right now. I tell the guy that this has been all a big hassel and its something I don't want to interview for any more. So Francis calls and I tell him the news....he's pretty pissed about it too, especially after the other night and about how many times I've told him that I had to reschedule with this chick on and off. So I'm pretty much stuck down here seeing as my shift ends at 2 and I don't have to be at the Station anymore. I just tell him to get me and we'll go to lunch.

- We drive around the area and I spot a Chipotle. We get some burritos and talk about how dumb it was that she scheduled me ahead of time yet she still has an eye thing to go to. So I decide to just wait for a whole 2 and half hours while he still has a shift to finish. But luckily, he works right next to a movie theater. So I decide to see what's playing and possiblly go catch a flick to kill time. This theater has the worst selection of movies EVER. The only thing good was "Robots" but I didn't feel like seeing that again. The also had the amityville horror, beauty shop, and some other thing that sounds crappy. The new Anthony Anderson (Teddy from Hangtime) movie was playing, "Kings Ransom". From the commercials it looked kinda funny and I do love Jay Mohr and Anthony Anderson so I decide to get the next showing for that which is at 4 ' O Clock.

- I'm the only guy in the theater until this black couple comes in and find out its the wrong movie. So I'm sitting there and this movie is complete trash. I only laugh at the Jay Mohr parts. The rest of it is complege garbage. Alot of the black chicks in the movie though are really hot especially Nicole Parker (from HBO's Soul Food) and the Bernie Mac Chick. I can't believe this movie is almost 2 hours....until about the last 40 minutes when Charlie Murphy shows up playing a guy who just got out of prison and Jay Mohr's character goes completely ape shit tackling guys dressed in hamburger suits and whipping it out in front of old chinese ladies. Pretty funny stuff. After that is over I still have about half an hour to kill so I walk over to the Barnes & Noble and do a bit of browsing before Frank gets a hold of me and we head out. It's about 6:10ish and he decides to skip class which starts @ 6:30. We head back to Bridgeview and John and Jax are already home. We joke around saying that I should still be "Mad" Jay when I walk in. We talk about how crappy the day was and they decide to make some Spaghetti and Chicken Tenders. We have to go to Kmart to get the sauce and we stop in at hollywood because I remember Blade: Trinity came out and I wanted to see it again. Around 9:40 or so Frank decides to hit the road. John and I don't start Blade: Trinity till about 11. We watch it and John goes to bed. Its 1am and I pass out thinking about how I have to get ready to head back to Schaumburg the next day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Waking up LATE!!


This is my first post. I thought this would be a good idea for some reason to get an inside look on the boring ass events that add to my life. Plus I've been reading the online diary of Kevin Smith at his viewaskew website. I found myself sitting at my computer for hours because it was so interesting and funny. So I thought I'd share with you my days, weeks, and maybe even years. I'm no famous person or anything but its always good to write stuff down whether good or bad So just take a minute and sit right here and I'll tell you all how I became the Prince of Bel Air.

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

- I was up late last night, I haven't been sleeping that well in a good while so I have been tossing and turning about. Plus my allergies have been kicking my ass and I get bloody noses almost everynight. It irritates the hell out of me because I always hated the "sniffers" that were in school. You know, those people who constantly sniffed up the shit that was clogging up their noses instead of blowing it out with a tissue. Anyways I wake 10:30am....I roll over and go back to sleep. I close my eyes for what feels like five minutes. I wake up to my ringing phone thats laying on my pile of dirty laundry. I check to see who's calling and its the "girl wonder". I answer the phone trying not to sound like I just woke up. Of course, she catches me on my bs. We have a conversation about how its 1pm and I just got up and how she works everyday. We talk about "Desperate Housewives" and how she wants me to tape it and watch it the next day. I tell her that I'm going to Bridgeview, and won't be back till probably Wednesday morning.

- After I get off the phone with Robin I bitch about how I just got up and its already past noon. So I take a shower to not feel like swass and clean my room a bit. After that, I decide to work on some freelance stuff I've picked up. So I put on Dogma in the background and draw for a bit. A bit is more like 5 minutes as I am easily distracted by the movie and feel hungry. I go into the kitchen and realize I have no food. I take some bread and cheese and put it in the toaster oven. I try to fry an egg and make that cool sandwich that was in the movie "Spanglish". It doesn't turn out that way and the yolk breaks in the pan. Either way, I shove it down my mouth and it feels me up. I continue working and only pause to see Salma Hayek dance around half naked in a school girl outfit...with ponytails and the glasses. After thats over I decide to make it a double feature and put on "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". I put that on and continue my work. After both flicks are over, It is now 6ish. I go on my computer, check my mail do a lil "photoshopping".

- Jeff and Serena come home around 7ish. He plops on the couch tired as shit. I get hungry and decide to eat some Panda before "Desperate Housewives" comes on. I take the Echo and drive to Blockbuster first. I'm looking for "Meet the Fockers" but they're all out. I skim through the used movies and decide that I'm hungrier. I jet to Panda and order General Tso's Chicken. On the way over, I here "Personal Jesus" on q101. The Panda guy is happy to see me and asks if I'm off of school. I just nod and say yes, even though its Sunday and no one's in school plus I've been out of school for almost 5 months. But he doesn't know he's making me food. Five minutes go by and this couple comes in. Some Russian guy with a dark skinned girlfriend. She seems Indian-esque. She's pretty hot looking wearing all baby blue and sandals...but that was the back view. When she turned around for a bit I got a glance and took down my hotness meter because she was rocking some funky pierce face crap and a huge nose. Plus she seemed snotty when she made her order not saying a please or thank you to nice Panda lady.

- I get my food and head back. Looking at my phone, its 8:10 and I'm missing Desperate Housewives. Robin's gonna be pissed. I get in and Jeff tells me its a recap show. Thank God. I eat my Panda and finish "Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy". I call Robin to let her know its a recap but I get her voicemail. I read "Silent Bob Speaks" for a couple of chapters and then fall asleep to Kanye's "College Dropout". I think about how I have truck at 5am and do the sleep math as I pass out around 11ish.